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Have You Ever Thought About What You Can Do In A Single Game?
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Atari 2600 games were made simple, maybe with at minimum 10 ways to play the same game per title, and THAT is just talking about the different options per game most Atari 2600 games in the 1970's had more the 10 ways of playing a single game. including 2 player and one player mode variants per cartridge, fast forward 50 years later and pile on 8 more generations of games, homebrews and more sandbox games and think of the possibilities?

I was watching a mathematical video on youtube video about Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 the other day, and the man in the video was talking about how many different kinds of maps and parks you can build with all the deferent kinds of scenery, rides and stalls and colors in this single game on a single playthrough. on that single sand box game you can build

here is the video

SImcity on the Super Nintendo has 1000 maps to choose from and even more ways of building up on those 1000 maps, ever thought about what you could do with a single game?

Can you dream of doing everything with only 100 games in your collection ever possible in game?

How old do you think the person with the highest number of games in the entire world would have to be to do everything in every game he or she owns? and multiply that by games the people has yet to add to their collection? times? games yet to be created times added? times all the mods for that game on the internet, times all that to the power.

Can you think of how old that person would have to become? to do everything and play virtually every aspect of ALL those video games? :-\

Now times that with a sandbox editor of each and every single one of those games :-\
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