Author Topic: Trading Mario party 2 and 3 cib for sealed warioware inc mega mini games gba  (Read 294 times)

Hey there. Does it seem like a fair trade? They are also adding in $150 cash for the Mario party games. Both are in very good condition. The wario game is also very good other than a scratch mark on the front of the plastic and small dent in one corner. Just looking for some second opinions. Thanks!


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I think it depends on how much you value sealed games. Both Mario Party games cib combined are probably worth around 350-400 depending on condition. Warioware complete goes for about 150+ 150 cash= meaning if the game being sealed is worth at least 100 more dollars to you than it's probably worth it.

Sealed collecting has not really caught on in the handheld market except for a few select games. Might be a good piece to hold onto if it ever does if you care about sealed. Personally I only collect CIB so a sealed game doesn't do much good to me unless I want to sell it.

Seems like a very bad deal for you.