Author Topic: Looking to trade PC Engine Controllers  (Read 790 times)

Looking to trade PC Engine Controllers
« on: November 30, 2021, 03:47:56 am »
I'm a PC engine fan and recently reached 5 controllers for maximum bomberman action! I did notice though that I ended up with two of the original white NEC Dedicated Turbo Pad:
I have every other color of the standard two button controllers except for the Black Core Grafx 1 Pad with the blue trim:
I was wondering if anybody would be willing to trade their Core Grafx controller for one of my white PC Engine controllers. I am also open to trading one of them for PC Engine games or any other PC Engine controller such as the Avenue Pad 3 or even the mouse! While they are not the absolute nicest PC Engine controllers I own, they are still quite average and in overall similar condition to my other ones. They have light cosmetic discoloration on the plastic and minor wear due to use on the buttons.

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