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Hello everyone :)

Phase 1 Dehumanization before destruction

After watching multiple documentaries recently, one of which being about Princess Diana of Wales. One of the greatest humanitarian civil rights heroes in recent history who was driven to crisis and eventual death by Paparazzi. A mother, a leader, a once in a lifetime personality who couldn't escape this parasitic like profession that seemingly make living humans into art exhibits and the other being about Britney Spears during her huge #freebritney conservatorship hearings on netflix. I got to thinking if I controlled all the laws in the modern industrial setting of media life. Would I or wouldn't I strip these people the right to publically harrass people under the guise of free speech and freedom of news reporting.

I feel If I camped out outside some average civilians house with a camera and didn't even let them leave their driveway I would be arrested within an hour but since these people are celebrities and chose a certain career path that put them in the public eye now the civic governing agencies deem it ok that they lose all basic fundemental human rights :( 

Some paparazzi state that since they are celebrities they belong in that public eye and that they chose this but these same paparazzi film and harrass with blinding lights like strobing concerts to innocent children of them same celebrities. Who did not sign up for anything but being born. And it's literally children who can't even live and grow up.

How many celebrities will have to die or be driven to insanity for this to change?

But this got me thinking. Where do you guys stand on Paparazzi? Do you feel it's a honest form of living and press is important to the ascension of celebrity stardom or do you feel it's basically paid harassment that really stretches the definition of "press" to include 2000 pictures of Tom Cruise drinking a boba tea?

Thank you for sharing.

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"The Press" or at least the MSM is a total joke in the west. They might as well all be paparazzi since they're all about the same when it comes to legit journalism.