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This is a response to a rejected edit where I wanted to add a bar code to Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and The Time Rippers. This is the message from the admin:

Can you verify this information? When verifying this information on my own, I can only find 10-digit barcode sequences. - dhaabi / /

So it seems that the human readable part of the barcode is only 10 digits, but if you scan it with a barcode reader, the full number is 12 digits. I have the same barcode as the eBay listing in the second link above (if you compare it with the first link it seems the slight difference in UPC depends on whether you have 5.25" floppies or 3.5" floppies).

Here is the image of my barcode, with the readout from my phone:

It's basically the same 10 digit number, padded with the 0 at the front and 6 at the end.

I believe those numbers are usually printed on UPC codes separately from the 10 digit part, but for some reason, they're not printed on this particular label, but a UPC reader will pick them up.

I did one more check, on the MobyGames entry. They don't have complete UPC codes there either, but they've formatted their 12-digit codes in a way that makes it more clear where the 10 digit part is where the start/end numbers are. I hope that helps.


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When entering entry information, it is important to submit data that is visible from simply observing the item as it is in-hand. With that said, the barcode sequence should be submitted as a 10-digit sequence.  This is outlined in the Barcode post of the Advanced Style Guide:

Barcodes Missing Digits
Some items from the 1980s use a UPC-A missing the number system or check digit. As a result, a barcode like this has 10 digits instead of 12.

How to type it: 4787546008
In the Description, you can put in how the barcodes scans, for this example a barcode scanner reads this as 047875460089.
Example: River Raid (Activision) for ZX Spectrum.

However, with that said, there are at least three possible versions this entry could represent, but we can't determine with certainty which version was intended to be submitted due to the low image quality. Fortunately, the user who submitted the original entry, hexen, is still an active member who is still reported to own the item. I will reach out to them in hopes of understanding which version 46688 is intended to be. If they do not respond in a timely manner, then we can move forward by filling in some information and adding missing variant entries.

Like the example above, when information is finally submitted for the item you own, it can be entered to the Description field as "UPC scans as 020626842976."
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With the help of hexen who clarified information and even went out of their way to provide disk scans, 46688 has been updated to Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and The Time Rippers (850002300). With that information, I went ahead and submitted two new variant entries (840002300 and 742972300.)

It seems as if the item you own is entry 233066 based on barcode information, but that may not be the case. Here is the eBay listing I referenced to create the entry.