Author Topic: An original owner of a Nintendo World Champ cart is accepting offers.  (Read 561 times)


This dude was the winner of the 11 and under category in the Kansas City tournament. Sounds like he has received a few private offers but is not looking at anything over $6000. Pretty cool story coming from an original owner. I wonder how many more are out in the wild, unaccounted for.

Story and video here:


Actually it seems he's looking to sell it for over 6000$. Basically, if he doesn't get a better offer, he's gonna sell it to someone who already made a 6000$ offer.

So expensive, I'd never waste so much money on anything like that. I don't think there's that many left that aren't accounted for though... Maybe we should have a US-wide grandmother-attic-raid to find the remaining copies.


While it would be pretty cool to own a copy, there is no way in hell I would spend anywhere near that much for any game.  I actually competed in this contest as a kid, so I might have a different take on this, as opposed to someone who had never played it.
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Ive already talked to the guy a bit. He has a lot of offers on Nintendo Age and in his own words, some of them are "significantly higher than the $6k mark".


At least it's not that dingus that took it apart, threw it in a crappy frame and then tried to sell it for $24k because his wife said so.