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A Question About Playing Copyrighted Music In Public?
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here is video about a game review by angeryjoe for getting caught for playing a copyrighted song in his video for 4 seconds opinion and advice needed 

first all Again i have my own radio station link in signature below, and I play full time copyrighted content 24 hours 7 days a week so far so good, I do have a License from ASCAP to protect myself from copyright infringement but why can someone like angry joe on YouTube can get called down for 4 seconds of playing a copyrighted song? and people on the radio 10000's of station do on the internet even some without a license and it's ok for them.

What make YouTube so picky about copyrighted music? but not games or movies or other things why for music 4 seconds joe said and now his video is owned by the copyright owner of the song

yet there is entire songs on Youtube you can listen for free too, whats the deal guys?

can I or all radio stations get sued them in the world?

google says

Do radio stations get copyrighted?
When it comes to music and radio, whether over the air or the Internet, there are at least two copyrights that are of concern including the musical work and the sound recording. For FCC licensed radio stations not streaming copyrighted music, the only rights involved currently are the musical works (compositions)
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My radio station

instructions click: link  using WITH FIREFOX BROWSER
OR click on one of the 4 icons then save playlist to device.

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