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Hitman: Blood Money variant
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:46:38 pm »
You have adjusted another one of my new submissions incorrectly.

The [Alternate Cover] for the EU Playstation2 release of Hitman: Blood Money has TWO magazines review scores on the front.  PSM and Official Playstation Magazine, scored at 93% and 9/10.  You have adjusted my text to show only one score.

Also you have called it a 'label', its not a label.  The entire insert is printed with these scores on it.  No labels.  Thats how its a variant.

Therefore your title amendment is incorrect and also the text you amended in the DESCRIPTION field.


Re: Hitman: Blood Money variant
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The information changed I submitted to 218244 are valid. [Alternative Cover] is not a valid format for entry names. For title descriptors, we do not need to go in-depth but should instead be brief. The Description field can then be used to expand upon variances.

The variant text is not an adhesive label in the traditional sense, but it is a form of label marking. Nevertheless, I updated that information.

Start using the Error listings and rejected edits thread instead of repeatedly creating new topics when you have edit submission concerns.
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