How should we type 三国志

Method 1: Use the title formatting as present on GameFAQs (currently enforced)
Method 2: Sangokushi
Method 3: San Goku Shi

Author Topic: Common Name Exception Poll #3: San Goku Shi vs Sangokushi  (Read 575 times)


Common Name Exception Poll #3: San Goku Shi vs Sangokushi
« on: May 19, 2022, 10:14:26 am »
The Chinese 三国志 translates to Three Kingdoms. This text is used for game titles relating to the various Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchises of which there are many. For years, GameFAQs has used either San Goku Shi or Sangokushi in their game titles. Years ago, they used San Goku Shi perhaps 40% of the time and now they use it 95% of the time. Outside of that, there seems to be enough usages of the spaced out name on websites that it sometimes causes some confusion as to how to write it. Especially as it may cause issues for those who may be concerned with how it is supposed to be written.

As there are multiple game titles that use the text 三国志 besides the Toei series that initially caused this poll for consideration, this will be for the word/term itself and not be relating to a specific game series like in previous common name polls. Even if the winner ends up not being "correct" in terms of how a term or phrase like this is supposed to be written, we can at least point out to this decision as to why we use it as we do in case it comes up.

Method 1: Do as we do currently, type the title as it is on the common name source.

Method 2: Always use Sangokushi

Method 3: Always use San Goku Shi

For any of the above methods (including today) we should be putting the alternate rendering into alt-name anyways.
148 Search results for Sangokushi
61 Search results for San Goku Shi

Obviously there is more alt-name to be fixed here, but also understand that a vast majority of the Sangokushi entries (the ones that are in the first search) did infact match GameFAQs some years ago, but their data had changed since then and the vast majority of their game titles were changed to use the spaces.

As with the other poll, you can change your vote, and the poll will be manually closed no earlier than May 26 which is one week from today.


Re: Common Name Exception Poll #3: San Goku Shi vs Sangokushi
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Vote changing enabled.