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2022 gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL)
« on: August 23, 2022, 01:30:28 pm »

*Everywhere finally revealed! Leslie Benzies formerly of Rockstar Games long awaited game. It doesn't look like GTA.

Dune Awakening - open world survival MMO.

DualSense Edge controller.

More of The Callisto Protocol gameplay from Dead Space director.

The Lords of the Fallen (2)

Moving Out 2

*Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition revealed with dark trailer.

New Tales from the Borderlands (2)

Dying Light 2 DLC

Red Bull Wings Quest



Destiny 2 cyberpunk expansion

Metal Hellsinger wins most wanted PC game

Sonic Frontiers decent looking trailer November 8 2022

Under the Waves

Goat Simulator 3 November 17 2022

Return to Monkey Island September 19

Moonbreaker turn based sci fi game from Subnautica devs and author Brandon Sanderson

*Friends vs Friends card game FPS from publisher Raw Fury

Lies of P - Pinocchio meets Bloodborne

Stranded: Alien Dawn

Atlas Fallen from The Surge devs

Homeworld 3

Genshin Impact 3.0

Honkai: Star Rail

Most wanted Xbox game The Last Case of Benedict Fox

High On Life boss fight

Owlchemy Labs commercial showing nothing

Level infinite publisher montage

Hardspace Shipbreaker

PC Game Pass montage

The Expanse A Telltale Series

*Killer Klowns from Outer Space game?!

Scars Above


Age of Empires IV update

Gotham Knights

Where Winds Meet

Kojima has a Spotify podcast

Park Beyond

A new Pokémon car..

*Warhammer Darktide


Phantom Hellcat

CrossfireX Babylon

Most wanted PlayStation game Lies of P

Dorf Romantik

The Outlast Trials

*The Finals

*Dead Island 2 - A new voice command feature Alexa Game Control is launching with this game so basically Kinect 3.0? Funny enough the game is announced for Stadia but not Amazon's version Luna? Weird stuff but game looks decent.

* = game I'm personally interested in.
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Re: 2022 gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL)
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Lies of P sound totally stupid, but actually looks really rad.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a game that I would have never asked for, but I want very, very badly.
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Re: 2022 gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL)
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- Sonic Frontiers trailer looks fine but I wish they'd show more than 5 seconds for the "Cyberspace levels", still I believe the game will be enjoyable.

- I am glad that [Dead Island 2] is finally here, but sincerely is been so long that I forgot the game ever existed, heh.

- The Lords of the Fallen 2 is an interesting surprise, that's one of the oldest games from the last generation, and I never anticipated it would come back.

- The Outlast Trials, both Outlast games were great, so I am interested but I thought they would have made the third installment instead.
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Re: 2022 gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL)
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Lies of P is probably the one game I'm most excited for out of this, it's steampunk Bloodborne with a Pinnochio based story, which is a baffling concept, but somehow looks amazing.

And Dead Island 2 was a big surprise.  I'm someone that liked the first two games, they never lived up to the hype of that original commercial, but they were decent.  I actually think there's more of a place for the game now, than when it was originally supposed to release years ago.  Dying Light 2 is much more focused on its mobility stuff, it's high flying action.  Dead Rising as a series has been dead for awhile.  Days Gone isn't getting a sequel.  And State of Decay sucks.  So in terms of open world zombie action, it's kinda wide open now, so if they do a decent job being an over-the-top, violent, hack and slash with a decent amount of stuff to do, I think it could be a good time.

That's about it for me I think.  Callisto Protocol I was already interested in being a spiritual successor to Dead Space.  Metal: Hellsinger, I've played the demo, it's gonna be sick as hell game.  Sonic Frontiers may or may not be okay, I don't know, all I know is that it looks like the game should've been made to look more like a colorful Sonic world, than realistic Unreal tech demo lol  And Gotham Knights I'm hoping to like, but I'm waiting on the reviews on that one, because I'm sorta worried about all the RPG stuff they are injecting into the game.  I worry that all that stuff could bog down its action as someone that was a big fan of the Arkham games.  Adding in levels, loot, and numbers could lead to sponge enemies and such and that could lead to a poor time perhaps.  We'll see I guess.


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Re: 2022 gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL)
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Lies of P looks awesome. The visuals reminds me a lot of Dishonored

Sonic Frontiers I feel about the same about. Interesting idea, looks like it could be fun, but I'm still a bit wary about it being it's a 3D Sonic game.

And Arkham Knights I'm already onboard with. I have it pre-ordered and paid for. Arkham games are an easy sell for me.