Author Topic: How important is to have different editions of the same game in your collection?  (Read 1145 times)


If it were a game I REALLY liked, I'd do all.

Most of the time though, I try to go for at least a mid level limited edition or something.

I make exceptions for regional differences i.e. tetra trackers in 4 Swords Adventures (JP). Technically not a different "edition" but either way it's still a dupe in the collection.
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The worst offender:

And I own it.
This has got to be one of the ugliest box arts ever. Makes me want to buy it and put it in an exquisite display case just for the hell of it.


There were a few games where I'd get whatever release they would put out with no questions. The Gears of War series was one of them. Now, I tend to stick to one edition unless one if released later that completely wows me or gives me a ton more content. In the last few weeks I've considered selling a good deal of the different editions of games I own and have platinumed. Its a wonderful feeling owning them, but now at 41, I'm playing less, and less, and would rather use that money on different hobbies.