Author Topic: How Does One Become True Multi Trade Video Game Master?  (Read 348 times)

How Does One Become True Multi Trade Video Game Master?
« on: October 04, 2022, 07:58:19 am »
I thought I was good at Unreal Championship for the original Xbox until I upped to the 2nd hardest bot difficulty, facing bots not actual humans in which in my experience with other games is suppose to be easier than facing other humans, and I found out that now my hands are too sweaty to get a grip on the Xbox controller.

 and I'm now getting my ass kicked my hands are constantly slipping off the buttons does this ever happen to you in other games? or perhaps this game in particular?

and how did anybody play and win live tournaments against harder opponents like real people for example without their hands slipping off the buttons, I know that I'll probably never get to participate in a REAL original Xbox tournament in my life not even for one game because I don't know anybody. but I wonder how did anybody have the talent to win back in the day and even on some modern gaming tournaments today?
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Re: How Does One Become True Multi Trade Video Game Master?
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I can't say for UT but I can for Quake 3 on PC. It takes a lot of playing and you will eventually get to your potential. But do not confuse this with meaning you can become a master at a particular game. Some games will be better to do that for than others. When I had hit my peak on Quake 3 I was not a master of the game. I could beat all levels on Hardcore and all but 3 or 4 on Nightmare. As far as multiplayer goes, I would say I was in the top 2% of players that I faced. I would win every match except when playing against the few that were better than me.

I played in one Q3 tournment that went for 8 hours or something and I ended up in 2nd place when it was all said and done. It looks like that host's forums are now gone but it was hosted on the server which ran an extra fast/excessive type mod.

As far as other types of tournaments, I've only won local pinball tournaments, and done decent at tournaments with top ranked players. I could probably get into the top 1,000 if I travelled out of my area.

Re: How Does One Become True Multi Trade Video Game Master?
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A lot of practice. My brother was insanely good at Halo 2 in no small part because he played it constantly. He'd literally get home from school, jump on XBOX Live and play until like 1 or 2am every night. We never saw him on the weekend since all he did was play Halo 2. Unfortunately this was before the age of eSports and huge championship pots of prize money. The most productive thing he ever did with his insane Halo 2 talents was enter a local Halo 2 tournament at a local bar, where he won 1st place despite being the youngest person to enter (he was like 13 at the time). He won a free copy of Halo 3, a life size Master Chief cardboard standee, and I think like $100. But he got that good by treating the game like it was his full time job and committed to becoming better than everyone else. This is pretty much was eSports people do. There is also a good Smash Bros Melee documentary called The Smash Brothers that outlines the extremes gamers will go through to get insanely good at a game. It's a commitment that 99.99% of people that play the game will never come close to.

Re: How Does One Become True Multi Trade Video Game Master?
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