Author Topic: What is your stance on the Dahmer Netflix controversy? Insensitive Or Art?  (Read 959 times)

Hello everyone :)

As many of you know. Netflix has released a 10 part series regarding infamous canibal serial killer Jeffery Dahmer complete with severed heads, torture and gruesome content enough to make a Biker's skin crawl. Absolutely shocking accuracy and an actor look alike from your darkest nightmares.

Without getting too political or hung up on semantics. The victims have had to relive their trauma through this series. Relatives have come forward saying it is hurting them at the sake of making money. And their is a call to boycott Netflix until it is taken down.

On the flip side that same argument can be made for the 2,400 victims of 911 and their families having to see the netflix series "911 turning point" or the countless hollywood elite who have cashed in on the holocaust. The media profiting off mass murder and even leatherface who is clearly based off real life serial killer Ed Ganes.

The movie monster about Aileen Wournos. Infamous serial killer won an oscar in a time where people wouldn't cancel history but rather be educated by it.  And nobody cared about the families of her 7 victims. 

This quote is what I lean towards

"The sooner we forget history the more destined we are to repeat it"

I feel ive learned a lot not about glorifying dahmer but the predominantly black community that was sadly racially and systemically ignored and the woman who worked tirelessly to get him caught. The bravery of the survivors. And I feel those people deserve their voice to be heard.

How do you feel? Is this an unecessary tasteless cash grab or are their important stories left untold to the new generations?

Thanks for sharing.

I understand it can be painful to the victims however thats no excuse to not make it  because if that becomes a thing (which will happen at some point sadly)  there will be no end

someone gets triggered from a certain cartoon ban it  etc

its also the reason that humor in modern movies and seriesis dead  because you cant say anything anymore or make jokes about anything  because the social justice police will attack you.


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Fuck cancel culture...nuff said.


Nowadays, most people have nothing better to do than to be offended by things and create problems where none exist. That's why so many people are so political or overly opinionated on the internet.
The mere fact that you felt obligated to make this post when you probably only heard about this controversy because the 0.2% of people who were actually offended got their opinions validated by other internet lemmings is a perfect example of this domino effect in action. 
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I'm not a fan of serial killers being glorified in the media; these people murdered multiple innocent people, often in incredibly violent and disgusting ways, yet they are often depicted as rock stars in popular culture. I'm sure the families of the victims probably feel very different about these people than people sending fan mail to them in prison or literally wanting to marry them. I think it's a sad expression of how cancerous western, and especially American culture has become.

With that said, I'm not opposed to documentaries that explain what happens in a pretty matter of fact way. There are two pretty good ones about Gacy and Bundy on Netflix that I thought were pretty well done. They interviewed many of the victims' families and also many of the investigators involved in these crimes. Given how long ago these killers committed their crimes many of the people involved in investigating and trying them are getting pretty old, and many of probably won't be alive in another decade or so. So as a historical study I feel like these definitely have their place.

As for the actual controversy surrounding the show, I think it's pretty stupid. People these days actively look for things to become outraged by, and worse off these outrage mobs are given way more power than they should. I'm convinced that the people crying the loudest about this stupid shit are a fraction of a percent of people who've watched the show, and sadly most of those outraged probably wouldn't have even known about it unless other outraged people hadn't made them aware. I hate social media with a fiery passion, and honestly believe its a top 5 thing that is destroying society as we know it.

But anyhow, that's my take.