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Tetris Movie (Hype Or Unripe?) Apple TV+
« on: February 25, 2023, 06:50:34 am »

Omg woah. This movie looks so good. The borealis that glitter births from, it is the story of our beloved cult classic. The visual mind soup of geo genetically gymetrical puzzle shapes that interlock. The puzzle game of all puzzle games. Tetris! in your ear drum and they dont care about your consent to the matter. Break down the blocks. Uncompress the soul. The story is so dark and deep and fascinating that I am surprised it wasn't given a full fledge movie sooner. I am so pumped. I am so ready. Who else thinks this is gonna be a top 5 video game movie ever?

This also seems to not be a rushed comedian cash grab making fun of it but an actual full fledged drama filled action.

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Re: Tetris Movie (Hype Or Unripe?) Apple TV+
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Could be good. However, there is already a gold standard in the form of Gaming Historian's Tetris documentary which is one of my favorite documentaries both in presentation and the story itself. It'll probably have way more facts because of it's format which I prefer over docu-movies that re-enact events.
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