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Dragon Quest/Warrior Series: These games seem like they'd be right up my ally, at least when it comes to JRPGs, but I've never been able to get into them. And trust me I've tried! I tried playing IV, VIII, and XI, and each one I got bored out of my mind a few hours in and quit. I love the art of these games and they have an extremely devoted fanbase which makes me want to get into them even more. I just can't seem to get into them despite how cool they look otherwise.

try part V on ds. It's the best entry in the series by far, if you don't enjoy that one, than there ain't anything in the series that could interest you. This entry actually has a pretty excellent story to boot aswell.

also if where talking Dragon quest XI, did you by any chance play through it withouth any difficulty options? because the game is a snooze fest if you didn't select at least tougher enemies. For some reason they made the standard game really easy. as in turn your brain off easy.

I'm down to play pretty much any mainline Pokemon game from gens 1-5, but once they went 3D, I (and I feel like a lot of fans going by what I've seen) they started to go downhill. It's to the point that I have zero interest in the gen 9 games and didn't even bother with any of the recent Pokemon game releases after Sword/Shield.

simular opinion here gen 1 to 5 where great. but once it got 3D it didn't do to hot. legends arceus is a small glimmer of hope in the modern era but not much more.

The Fire Emblem series - I really enjoyed Path of Radiance and the Game Boy Advance games, but anything on the 3DS and Switch were awful in my eyes; they feel like they cater to that weird anime fan culture that I know nothing about, yet I kept playing them thinking they would get better.

Definitely agree with that, From awakening onwards It just went on a different direction, it is what it is.
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Re: Games/Series you love, but also don't...
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Both Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are two series I have a love hate relationship with.

Resident Evil, at it's best, is one of my favorite franchises of all time. Resident Evil 1 Remake, 2 Remake, Code Veronica, 4 and 7 are absolute masterpieces. Then we have garbage like 6... And Survivor, and other games that weren't up to par in my opinion like 5, 3 remake, and revelations 1 & 2. I still consider this series one of my favorites because of the best games in the series but it also has enough low points to be disappointing and make me cautious for any new entry.

Final Fantasy is the same. 4,6,7,9,10 and 12 are the peaks of the series in my opinion. 1-3 are a tad too dated for my tastes even the updated ones. 5,8 and 13 didn't really latch on with me. I don't think they're bad but they're forgettable. 11 and 14 are MMOs which are totally different beasts,tried to get into them but I just don't have the time or motivation. 10-2, 13-12 and Lightning Returns are all completely unnecessary and are inferior to the games that preceded them. And then we have the abomination that is 15.... The less said about that game the better. Then on top of all that we have ff7 remake which a lot of people seem to love which is fine but as someone who's wanted a remake for 15-20 years and being hyped up and excited for it only for it to turn out to not be as faithful to the original as I was led on to believe or would've wanted...the remake felt like a slap in the face. They changed too much in that game for my liking.

So between the two franchises I can't even count on the next game being any good anymore unlike other big franchises like Mario and Zelda which are pretty much guaranteed to be good.

Re: Games/Series you love, but also don't...
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Dynasty Warriors


Re: Games/Series you love, but also don't...
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Aside from ROM hacks and fan games, which there are by the truckload, and I personally think are the best option, there's a slew of nice alternatives to Pokémon that are worth checking out and are sure to scratch the itch. Off the top of my head there's Nexomon, Coromon, Automon, Monster Crown, as well as Siralim Ultimate and Monster Sanctuary. Add to those Cassette Beasts, Creature Keeper, and Totama, which are still in development, alongside a host of others that show promise. And of course there's also the other more official "clones" like Digimon, Monster Rancher, Monster Hunter Stories, and Ni no Kuni.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and there's also Eternal Eyes for PS1.

First thing's first: I returned to this topic because I wanted to add to the list I posted, but I'm sitting here slapping myself because, of all the games that I named, even after coming back to make an edit, I can't believe I didn't mention the Dragon Warriors/Quest Monsters series. That's unforgivable. Might as well add to that Yo-Kai Watch and Spectrobes.

But anyway, here's an addendum to my previous list...

Anode Heart, Phobies, and Moonstone Island for PC, as well as Robotrek, Metal Walker, Monkey Puncher, and DemiKids for SNES, GBC, and GBA, respectively. There's also the Fossil Fighters series for NDS/3DS and Dinosaur King for NDS, which really isn't as bad as some used to say back then. Another dinosaur-related "clone" would be GachaSta! Dino Device for GBA, which not only comes in the same flavors as the original Pokémon games, but as the name implies, it revolves around gachapon; it also has a sequel, but unfortunately none of the games have been translated yet. Another possible option would be the Medarot/Medabots series, and although it only has a few of the games localized in the West, fan translations have popped up over the years for a handful of them and are readily available. Next to those would be Network Adventure Bugsite for GBC, which involves a virtual world over the Internet accessible with VR equipment, where you play as a virtual entomologist, or a "Hacker", that catches "Bugs"—it stayed in Japan, but there's a fan translation project that has been casually updated throughout its inception. And of course, there's Robopon for both GBC and GBA, the former being of particular note given that some would declare it doesn't hide the fact it's a "shameless rip-off", albeit a good one, all things considered (there's also a game for N64, but it hasn't been translated, unfortunately).

And, speaking of rip-offs, Telefang is yet another alternative that notoriously began its life in the West as a Pokémon knockoff when its versions were passed off as bootlegs named "Pokémon Diamond" and "Pokémon Jade", with the actual games behind these being Keitai Denjuu Telefang Power and Speed, respectively. Similar to Robopon, there was also a set of games released for the GBA that once again got bootlegged as Pokémon games. As alluded to, this franchise never made it overseas, but there are fan translations available.

Lastly, in addition to all that, there's a game for NDS called Monster Racers that's like Pokémon, but as the name implies, it's all about competing in races instead of battling, sort of similar to Pokémon Dash. And I guess we could include Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero for NDS and Lil' Monster for GBC, the former which doesn't quite follow the same formula, while the latter simplifies it, as one would infer by its name.

Honorable mentions: Barcode Taisen Bardigun, Monster Traveler, GB Harobots, Kaseki Sousei Reborn II: Monster Digger, and Space-Net Cosmo Blue and Cosmo Red for GBC; Zettai Onkan Otoda Master and Dragon Tamer: Sound Spirits for NDS; and lastly, Zool: Majuu Tsukai Densetsu for N64. These are some really neat-looking games that, as of this writing, have yet to be translated.
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Re: Games/Series you love, but also don't...
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Both Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are two series I have a love hate relationship with.

Echoing this a bit and realizing I'm late to the thread party.

Resident Evil was my favorite series from 1996 to 2009 when Uncharted took over the top spot. Unlike Astralsoul, however, I loved RE5. For me, it was RE6 that was the start of the downhill and it was a cliff. RE6 still had moments of fun but didn't know what it wanted to be and ignored Jill's recovery story alltogether, instead opting for Jake and Sherry. I mean... why Capcom? It was also around this time that I started to just not care anymore about horror games in general. When they decided to give a middle finger to the third person action oriented crowd and go first person horror, the series was officially done for me. Of course, I believe the main arc of the series was completed at the end of RE5. So... I'm fine with the series officially being over if it ever comes to that.

For Final Fantasy... there were so few that really captured my attention. While I started gaming on the NES, the FF series was never on my radar until FF7. That was my first and it was incredible. I tried 8 and didn't care. Tried 10 and enjoyed it for the most part. I even tried 13 and didn't like it all. That was kind of it for me until the Remake of FF7 which was incredible, but it ends at the same damn spot that my glitchy PS1 copy stopped working. So since 1997, I've been stuck at the same spot in the story. Of course, I know all the major plot twists as it's been more than 25 years, but still. Glad to finally be able to continue the story in a few days.


Re: Games/Series you love, but also don't...
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Aside from ROM hacks and fan games, which there are by the truckload, and I personally think are the best option, there's a slew of nice alternatives to Pokémon that are worth checking out and are sure to scratch the itch.

But anyway, here's an addendum to my previous list...

I can't attest to its quality (though I've come across repeated mention of it being difficult), but there's actually an Animorphs game which is a clone of Pokémon. Again, perhaps it's a bad game which is why you omitted it, but I figured you'd find it interesting, nonetheless, if it wasn't already something you knew about.