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How to add this things?
« on: April 16, 2023, 10:15:38 am »
How to add thing like this to my collection? If I have a complete set.

1 - hardware
2 - game DVD
3 - hardware + game DVD


Re: How to add this things?
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They are two different items in your picture it seems.

1. EyeToy Play: Hero
but I cannot find good pictures to know what the text in the orange box on the left says. I'm thinking that a title like

EyeToy Play: Hero + "the text for the sword"

would work

2. отвечай не Зевай
The name to use would be

Disney Think Fast [RU]
and in alt-name you put
Th!nk Fast, отвечай не Зевай

Re: How to add this things?
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@tripredacus i have the full sets...

EyeToy Hero:
* Game DVD EyeToy Play - Hero [SCES-55038] (EL,PT,RU)
* EyeToy Camera
* Green Sword to play

Disney TH!NK Fast
* Disney TH!NK Fast [SLES-55433] (RU) - Game DVD
* 4 controllers to play this quiz

So my question was... I add this sets to my collection:
1 - Like simple DVD games - "EyeToy Play - Hero" & "Disney Отвечай не зевай". Something like o that came without EyeToy camera. With info that they came with hardware.
2 - Add this like hardware. Because first pack have camera and second have 4 controllers. With info, that they came with game DVD's.
3 - Add this separately in two categories - game dvd's like dvd and hardware like hardware...

4 - Add them like some pack's...

P.S. The only reason for this, maybe dumb, topic - if i add them like only games - i think its wrong, because i bought not only game but some additional hardware. If i add them like hardware - it's not true too, because they have game DVD's... I think - add them like pack, but where i need to create data for them?

Re: How to add this things?
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2023, 08:04:52 am »
Official Style Guide

Right towards the top, under "Collector's/Special/Limited Edition Box Art:", there are examples listed under "Example of Controller/ Accessory Packs:".  You list them as PS2 games for their appropriate region and notate that the game comes with accessories.


Re: How to add this things?
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To keep it entirely simple, there are multiple ways to do it.

- create an entry for the EyeToy Play: Hero set in the PS2 [EU] section
- create an entry for the Disney Think Fast set in the PS2 [EU] section

That is the minimum requirement. There are additional actions that can be done if you want to because this information may be missing from the db and someone would have to do it in the future if not done now.

In addition:
- Find if the green sword is sold only in these packs or if it is ever sold by itself/without a game. If it is only in packs, then an entry in PS2 Accessories can be created for the loose sword item. The name that the entry would get would be the (English) name that the manual from the game pack uses for it. If the sword was sold separately outside of the pack, then that accessory can be created and a loose entry cannpt be created.
- The EyeToy camera likely already exists as one of these items:
- The buzzers already have an entry:
- The game DVD for either EyeToy Play Hero can be added to PS2 [EU] only if it is different than the three we have already:
- The game DVD for Disney Think can be made in PS2 [EU] as it does not exist in the db yet.

Then you can choose if you want to just add the 2 packs as in your picture, or the 2 packs as well as the individual parts of those sets if created above, or just the individual parts and not the packs. How you go about doing that is up to you.

Re: How to add this things?
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Ok. Understandable.