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Adding mobile games from multiple sources
« on: May 30, 2023, 12:42:07 am »
For mobile games that have multiple download sources, how should we navigate this in making listings? For example, Fortnite has seen many different releases, first being an APK launcher download, then it was released on the Play Store from April to August 2020 which it was then delisted, then finally re-released as an APK and also ported to the Samsung Galaxy Store.

I believe the way we were doing it with the PC Digital category was one listing per game, I don't know if this is still the case but we could implement that with the mobile categories too. We could make one listing that combines all of the sources, or have one listing for each source. In the description field we could list what the source is with something such as "Released on the Google Play Store" for clarification's sake.

Just doing a quick skim of the Galaxy Store and I'm seeing a lot of overlap between it and the Play Store. My personal opinion would be to just have one listing per game so it doesn't become a total mess of duplicates. But then what about when you have games that were permanently delisted on one store and kept up on another...? Are collectors going to be picky about having only the "rare" delisted version in their collection? What do you think should be done?


Re: Adding mobile games from multiple sources
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Yes we are not going to make variant entries within a mobile category. And you can put the relevant info in description.

Such as this generic example

Version 1.1 released on Google Play Store on 1/1/2020
Version 1.2 released on Samsung Galaxy Store on 1/2/2021

We don't handle versioning on any other Digital games or ring differences in physical disc games. It is just too far into the weeds and requires experts to be able to verify. People can use notes field if they want to track that type of thing here.