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Epic Games now has a category!
« on: May 30, 2023, 01:26:57 pm »
Great week for PC collectors, the Epic Games Store now has a separate category under PC! The mods/admins who want to take credit for this change, please feel free, I just wanted to spread the news because I haven't seen it shared yet. I accidentally stumbled across the new category while scrolling through browse and that's the only reason I knew about it. ;D   
  • All games currently marked "Epic Games" in the description field with no other categories are currently being merged into the new category.
  • Any games with "Epic Games" among other categories will probably have to get new listings under the new category.
Unfortunately the free dates have to be removed because they are no longer necessary, but if you are one that likes to use this information it will always be available under the history tab for games that had it in the past. 

Please check your PC collections and make sure everything is accurate after this ongoing change. There may be some errors, as not every game has every release listed in the description field, but it will be a good start to cleaning out the massive PC - Digital category. 

PS: Thank you mods!

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Re: Epic Games now has a category!
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PC Digital Downloads should be free of Epic-only game entries now.

We kind of "cheated" to find the relevent entries rather than inspecting each and every one in that section.  8)

PS: I mean entries that had the source in desciption. There still may be more games in PC Digital Downloads that people made without sourcing in Description like they should have.


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I always thought the PC-Digital category was digital games without launchers which are pretty much non-existent these days. Back in the day when Steam was young, there were sites like Direct2Drive (a shadow of its former self these days) and directly from Microsoft's Windows store site where you could buy PC games digitally and had to redownload them through that website. I remember buying Gears of War for PC and I nol longer have it because that service is gone and MS never migrated those games anywhere. They are all gone now. Every site just offers a code to a launcher. I feel each launcher (Ubisoft, EA, etc) should have its own category as well, but that might be too much work for when they disappear like recently with Bethesda.


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It was just anything you could download (from an official site of sorts) that wasn't Steam or Gog. Basically anything that isn't warez.