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Steelbook Catagory Suggestion
« on: June 27, 2023, 10:44:55 am »

I've had difficulty adding a Steelbook entry (I won't go into it in this topic...) but felt it was worth putting my two cents through on the matter.

I've noticed a lot of the images on the section are inconsistent, some have both sides in the same image for example. Yet I thought it would be best to have the following:
Front Image - Front of the Steelbook
Back Image - Back of the Steelbook
Disc Image - The Inside of the Steelbook layed flat

The reason for the 3rd image is to display the interior. I believe this would be the best place to do so because really none of these Steelbooks will have games in them - Otherwise they would be listed in the games catagory (PS4 (EU) for example) - Either that of the Steelbook would be inlcuded within an Edition and once again listed within the appropriate game catagory. So with the disc image being free would it not make sense to utilise it this way?


Re: Steelbook Catagory Suggestion
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The reason for the inconsistency is becuase these items were moved from many other categories. And no one really cared about those entries before, that is why it is a mess.

Front/back is how it should be, as you put it.

There is no media (what third image is for) so that image spot should not be used at all. It is important that the third spot only be used for media, no matter what the type of item is. It is for future programming reasons why it shouldn't be repurposed for other item types that do not contain media.