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Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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1. Mega Man
2. Street Fighter
3. Kirby
4. The King of Fighters
5. Bomberman
6. Gradius
7. Puyo Puyo
8. Virtua Fighter
9. Ys
10. Cyber Troopers Virtual-On

Honorable Mention:

Dig Dug
Panzer Dragoon
Star Soldier
Bubble Bobble
Pocky & Rocky
Super Mario Bros.
Sonic the Hedgehog

Classic Mega Man series including X spinoffs from Soccer, Kart, RPG, board- not including Zero or Battle Network. Pretty much all of Street Fighter, Kirby, Bomberman, Ys, and Cyber Troopers Virtual-On. The King of Fighters including Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and it's spinoffs. Gradius including Parodius and it's spinoffs. Pretty much all of Puyo Puyo including Mado Monogatari series. Virtua Fighter including Fighting Vipers and it's spinoffs like Fighters Megamix. 

Classic Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog 2D and 2.5D games. Star Solider including Star Parodier. Shining specifically Force, Wisdom, Holy Ark, Tears, Neo and Exa. Bubble Bobble including Rainbow Islands & Parasol Stars. Bonk including Air Zonk. Pretty much all of Dig Dug, Panzer Dragoon, Tales, and Pocky & Rocky.
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Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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Wow, this was harder than I expected.
There are a few franchises/series that I like only one or two out of them all, so I didn’t think it would be right to list those as favorites.
In no particular order:

Final Fantasy
Mega Man
Streets of Rage
Batman Arkham series
Street Fighter
Mass Effect
EDIT: How could I forget KATAMARI! I own every game except the PSP one. My wife and I played the hell out of it when we first got together.

Honorable Mention:
Zelda (Link to the Past is excellent, Link’s Awakening is great, the rest range from above average to meh)
Resident Evil (I was big into the series until the disappointing RE5, haven’t bought one since)
Dragon Quest (only played 1, 8, and 11. 8 & 11 are two of the best RPGs ever, but I’ve never played the rest so I can’t include it)
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Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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My take on this is for franchises that I tend to get excited for whenever I hear somethign new on or have enjoyed more entries than not.

Final Fantasy - Peak games VI - X, little cautious about XVI still...
Metal Gear Solid - Though MGS5 has made me waver, i tend to treat it as non-canon.
Resident Evil - The ports on PS4 have made this series more accessible & enjoyable, it's the series I have enjoyed most in recent years.
Shenmue - I still enjoyed Shenmue 3 despite it's lack of progression in narrative.
Life Is Strange - Haven't enjoyed the games as much since Deck Nine took over development, but I'm open to see what they can do.
Yakuza - Another series which has really benefitted from PS4 Re-releases/remakes. The whole series is accessible to enjoy and so I have!
Kingdom Hearts - Convoluted, yes. Still, I have enjoyed the cross-over experience with S-E & Disney.
Silent Hill - I like most SH games, 1-4 + Shattered Memories. Hoping we can get something good out of the incoming flood of SH games.
Tekken - I'm mixed on this one, It's still a big deal but I haven't enjoyed a Tekken game since Tekken Tag 2. Tekken 7 had a good 4-5 story mode but was bare bones beyond. I'm not excited for Tekken 8 due to the modern Fighting game business model, I may still pick it up years down the line once they're over the Season Passes.
A Plague's Tale - Only 2 titles in the series but it is one which has made a great impression! I love narrative focused adventures and this game has no padding. Exhilarating from start to finish.

Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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1. Elder Scrolls
2. Final Fantasy
3. Phantasy Star
4. Shadow Hearts
5. Dragon Warrior/Quest
6. Suikoden
7. Super Mario
8. Sonic the Hedgehog
9. Donkey Kong
10. Fallout

It seems as if I have a slight emphasis on RPGs  ??? ...


Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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Need For Speed
Double Dragon
Tomb Raider
Half Life
Bomber Man

Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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In alphabetical order.

Final Fantasy
Ogre Battle
Resident Evil
Sengoku Basara
The Legend of Zelda

Honorable Mention:

Etrian Odyssey
Mega Man
Mobile Suit Gundam
Ratchet & Clank
Samurai Warriors


Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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I tried (as much as I could) to put them in order.
The positions of most of these may change drastically over time, but my top 3 have been unaltered at least since the late 90's...

01 - Metal Gear
02 - Ace Combat
03 - The King of Fighters

04 - Streets of Rage
05 - Wonder Boy
06 - Metal Slug
07 - Resident Evil
08 - Street Fighter
09 - Castlevania
10 - Thunder Force


Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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In no particular order:

Megaman (Classic/X/Zero/Legends)
Metal Gear
Super Mario
Final Fantasy

I realized while making this list that most of the franchises I had listed I only liked one or two games in the series. Kingdom Hears for instance I used to be addicted to, but, while I enjoyed the time I spent playing 358/2 Days, I mainly like the first two games. And this resonates with StarFox, I like the GCN games, which I've yet to finish, but the SNES and N64 games are my all-time, and possibly only favorites. Drakengard is another favorite of mine, but so far the first game is the only entry in the series I've completed and haven't even made the effort of fully trying the sequels. Same from the likes of Armored Core, Contra, Metal Slug, and Zelda. I also wanted to include Gundam in the last slot given I have a slew of games from the series that I've enjoyed some way or another, but my love for Spidey conquers mechas.

I enjoyed Arceus enough for what it was, but Sword/Shield and Scarlet/Violet are so crazy bad, it's really hurt the series for me.

I'm more the opposite, where I'd put Scarlet/Violet near the top if I'm ranking Pokemon gens. While the games were janky at times, I enjoyed the story, characters, open world, and many of the new Pokemon. My main nitpick would be that I wished the game had better level-scaling as it could get too easy to overlevel and it would've fit the open-world aesthetic better if the gyms all got stronger as you progressed (e.g. Larry would have a stronger team if he were the 8th gym you faced than if he were the 5th). Sword and Shield however, I would agree with them being terrible and would rank them near the bottom.

Objectively speaking, Scarlet and Violet aren't up to snuff in technical terms what with the myriad of bugs, glitches and what-have-yous that infest the games; I'm certain at some point in time while playing you must've witnessed an oddity or two. Quite frankly, anybody who says the contrary is either lying or downplaying their actual experiences; we're all playing the same game after all. Personally, I'm enjoying the game, I truly am, no BS; this was the type of game I wanted way back when I was in school discussing the future of the series with my friends during recess and we all giddily opined how cool it would be to go from place to place and see actual Pokémon while traversing, going up to them to initiate a battle or just to watch them. The way we discussed and described the game we wanted out of the series was basically what an open world game is today, which wasn't even a thing in those days. Simply put, Scarlet and Violet were my dream game come true, and I'm happy that I lived long enough to see it through, it truly is an amazing feeling to have. But, once again, objectively speaking, the games aren't without their faults; they needed to be in development for at least another year, period. Game Freak bit more than they could chew.

It's sad to see the world's most profitable gaming franchise that's nearing 30 years in the market release a game in the state they did, and even sadder is that still to this day they continue to be a diamond in the rough, far from ever reaching their full potential. I love this series, I can't leave it no matter how hard I try, but it would be futile of me to try to cover the whole sky with the palm of my hand. They're business model is running the franchise to the ground, I feel.

Even though I had my doubts, which I expressed somewhere around here, I pre-ordered Scarlet. The last time I bought a Pokémon game on its release date was Diamond and Pearl, which I also pre-ordered; Gen. V I sadly missed out on due to personal issues, but I eventually got them; Gen. VI and VII I got after the fact since I wasn't optimistic with the jump to 3D, and I've yet to play any of them; Gen. VIII I still haven't got, although I intend to at some point down the road if and when I find the version with the DLC at a reasonable price. All that to say come the next game in the line I'm waiting it out; I still enjoyed Gen. VI–VIII without actually playing the games.
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Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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In no particular order

Ace Combat
Resident Evil
Shining Force
Elder Scrolls
Silent Hill
Just Cause
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Re: Your Top Video Game Franchises
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Ape Escape
Ridge Racer
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts

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