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Secret Santa sign up 2021!
« on: September 21, 2021, 06:47:07 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages ... VGCollect proudly brings to you its SECRET SANTA of the world!
***Copying and pasting last years rules***

If you want to participate this year, please post your name on this thread. I want people to have been members of these forums for at least 3 months prior to this and some sort of activity here. We have had 8 years so far of 100% success and we are not going to fail this year! Sign ups will be up through 10/08. Once its done, you have a week to send me your wish list, address info, and what not. Also include if you are willing to send out of your own country cause every year we get non US participants.

When you reply on this thread, post what you think the spending limit should be. I will take the most popular option and that's what we will go with. And since I'm mentioning it ... if the limit is $100 (an example) please don't send someone $10 worth of crap. The limit is more of a guideline as to what to expect to spend. Almost everyone here the past few years has went over the limit for their participant. Within the time of sending in the wish lists, if the limit becomes more than you want to spend, let me know and I can remove you from the list. No hard feelings will be had.

Every year we have a reveal thread and IIRC, Kashell/Dash/Turf and a few others actually do theirs on their YouTube page. If you wish to wait to open your gift til Christmas, that is definitely your prerogative. However, I would like to ask that no one posts anything about their stuff til after Christmas.

Links to the last 8 years :
2013 -,4178.0.html
2014 -,5554.0.html
2015 -,6559.0.html
2016 -,7734.0.html
2017 -,8571.0.html
2018 -,9354.0.html
2019 -,10417.0.html
2020 -,11096.0.html

And the new stuff ... Please mention one of 4 options for gift receiving. 1- Please only go off of wish list 2- Use wish list if can but willing to accept items not in collection 3- Wish list is just a suggestion. Any and all gifts welcome (as long as not duplicates, decent condition, meets spending minimum) 4- Will not mind anything!
If you are late sending me your wish list, expect to be lumped into the 3 or 4 category or going to be bumped off the list all together.

1. Soera
2. Jason
3. Cartagia
4. Masamune
5. Telly
6. Koemo1
7. Brandon913
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Re: Secret Santa sign up 2021!
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I'm in again.  $50 limit.

Also, Option 3.
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Re: Secret Santa sign up 2021!
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I'm in again as well.

I'm fine with a $60 limit.

Option 1 for me.
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Re: Secret Santa sign up 2021!
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I'm in :)  I'm fine with either a $50 or $60 limit. I'm option 3 again like last year.
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Re: Secret Santa sign up 2021!
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I'm in, 60 dollar limit, option 1, please :)
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Re: Secret Santa sign up 2021!
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I'm in. $60 limit and option 2.