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Game Music Bundle 4
« on: November 13, 2012, 11:44:58 pm »
Welp, it's out!

You pay a low low fee, you get a bunch of awesome music in MP3 or FLAC formats.

Pay $1 and get:
Spelunky by Eirik Suhrke
Retro City Rampage by virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd
Indie Game: The Movie: The Soundtrack by Jim Guthrie
Dear Esther by Jessica Curry
Shoot Many Robots by Disasterpeace

Pay $10 and get:
Joypad Powerup by Various Artists
Kanto Symphony EP by Skotein
Skyrim Main Theme by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling
Adventures in Pixels by Ben Landis
Jottobots by Josh Whelchel

Knowing them they'll likely add more albums as time passes. Woo.