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forgive me is this is not the correct thread, and please point me in the direction of where i must:

i just recieved my physical copy of strife veteran edition for switch (via LRG) and i wanted to put it in my collection but i only find the digital edition. i know LGR published (and distributed) games are here because i have the rest in my database.

those on the know, can you add this version to the overal database?

I have added it here:
in the future you can add a game if it is missing.

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thank you!.

i JUST noted the "add game" tab thingy in the database. if i had seen it before i would not jave made this post.


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Added the previously requested VTech sub-cats
Went through the V.Smile sub-cat and moved the hardware and accessories out.
As previously discussed, all VTech hardware and accessories are catch-all for all of the systems including the Socrates.

Added 1 game into the InnoTab, Socrates and V.Reader sub-cats so they won't 404. There does not appear to be any games in the db for those systems yet.

V.Smile Pro is the EU name for V.Smile Flash.

Its been a long time since this was requested but now it is finally done.

The Hardware section needs a lot of work because a lot of the console entries are formatted wrong, or have console picture in front art. I tried to find what I could just using Ebay. The VSmile "Second Generation" is probably all going to have the (New and Improved) descriptor as that is the text that is on the box. And I also believe that all of the VSmile systems came with games so they will need to have those descriptors added. Unlike a couple years ago when I looked up VSmile, there are a lot less of the boxed systems on Ebay today.