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The Big Year - Generally pleasant film, but man, this needed a better director, tighter editing, and a much more fitting score.

Glass Onion - Preferred it to Knives Out, which I liked, but thought was slightly overpraised.  Craig is great, maybe even better this time around, and it relies less on lucky narrative contrivances to keep things mysterious (although it does cheat in its own way here and there).  It's just so much fun that I'm willing to let it slide.

Bad Words - Tries a bit too hard to be shocking, but is still very funny and loaded with great actors giving good performances. Had a lot of fun with it.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Upon rewatch I definitely agree that this is the best Spider-Man movie, and it's not even particularly close.

Matilda the Musical - Way more fun than I expected.  Bonkers choreography across the board, mostly good songs. Not quite as good as the 90s version, but I enjoyed it.

Strange World - Shame more people didn't see this because it is incredibly gorgeous and inventive.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze - Not nearly as good as the first film, but a nostalgic good time for me.

Everything Everywhere All at Once - Rang in the New Year with my favorite film of 2022.

Emily the Criminal - Pretty decent small scale crime thriller.  Terrific performances from Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi.

Uncharted - How did they screw this up so badly?  It's not the worst but its just so milquetoast.

Willow - Still love this weird little gem.

Moonfall - Holy hell this was dumb.  Only kinda fun, though.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - What an anemic Harry Potter ripoff.  The adult cast is killer, but the kids are bad.  Just wholly mediocre.

Cold Pursuit - Slightly above average Liam Neeson actioner that has a weird vicious funny streak.

Chungking Express - Spent the first half of this movie wondering where all the praise was coming from.  Then the second half happened.  The second story in the film is so, so good.

Blackhat - Incredibly dense film about professionalism in hacking.  Hemsworth is doing his best, but it's not a great role for him.  Slightly below average Michael Mann, but still solid as hell.

Fletch - I'm starting to think that I might not like Chevy Chase.  A least not as a focal point.
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Jurassic World: Dominion - I'd heard so much bad stuff about this movie, so I was kinda putting it off, but I couldn't think of anything else I was in the mood for, so figured I'd just get this over with.  I was okay with the first Jurassic World, like it's not great at all, but the setup is fine enough.  The second movie was 1/3rd okay until they left the island and then that movie tanked hard.

I would say I like Dominion more than Fallen Kingdom because at the very least it doesn't spend most of its time in a boring mansion, and there's some okay action stuff going throughout the far too long movie as they travel around, but that's not saying much.  I kinda hate that Malcolm, Grant, and Satler are here, because it's very clear they have no reason to be in this movie, but they try to make up a really dumb story about cretaceous era locusts threatening the global food supply, which is what the movie is actually about, that's the big threat, not the dinosaurs. 

It's all so badly written, it's like two movies put into one, because the Jurassic Park crew are working on the locust stuff, and the World crew are trying to save the clone girl from the second movie and Blue's kid from the new evil company, and they do connect and resolve, but you don't need that locust plot here, this movie is about dinosaurs.  The second movie set this up as "dinosaurs are now in civilization", but the movie isn't about that and by the end, it's pushing a kinda stupid idea about co-existing with them, which would never happen.

It's not the worst thing I've seen, some takes I've seen on it get really hyperbolic, but it's definitely not good and shows just how unnecessary this trilogy was.  No one wants Jurassic Park to be what this was.

Black Adam - I'm in a mood where I have stuff to watch, mostly tv shows, but I don't want to dedicate the time to it, so I'm catching up on some mid tier stuff.  Mid is definitely what I'd consider this movie.  Outright, The Rock is awful in this.  He has a great look, but he's not a very good actor, he never has been, but there are things I've enjoyed him enough before.  Here, he's trying to play this stern, almost brooding, type of character, but he's so one note, he just seems bored.  He also can just speak perfect english cause of magic? I guess that's one way of getting around him having to learn English or speak with an accent, something the Rock can't do.

The movie itself is fine, the other heroes in it are more entertaining, there are some decent fights, I do like Black Adam just decimating the military forces throughout, very "anti-hero" stuff. I found the kid in this pretty obnoxious, weird 90's kid movie vibes with him, down to him even skateboarding everywhere, just didn't seem particularly well acted/well written.  Compared to the other DC stuff, I'd probably also say it's mid, kinda mid to lower end for me.  It's not bad, but I'll never watch it again, all the more so with them rebooting everything.

Justice League Dark - Got in a mood for something abit better than Black Adam, but also DC related, so I decided to go watch one of the animated films.  I think I did see this before, but sorta forgot I had, but it's still a decent watch.  Kinda funny that it's rated R, when they didn't really need to.  Sure, they show people getting killed abit violently and such, but they don't go hard enough to really embrace that rating and making it PG-13 would be pretty easy and not affect anything going on.  As most of the animated movies tend to be, it's a solid watch.
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Moonfall - Randomly watched this.  It's pretty awful lol I didn't know it was a Roland Emmerich film at first, I thought it was someone just knocking off all the same formula and tropes, but nope, just another really badly written disaster movie from him.  In the general sense, it works if you like this sorta stuff.  It's ridiculous, earth destroying, nonsense, nothing more.  I wouldn't say it's "so bad it's good", it's just really over the top with the stupid writing, but it treats itself too seriously most of the time, so you are more dumbfounded by what goes on.  If it had been more ridiculous with its characters, leaned into the craziness, maybe it would've been better, but if you've seen one of his disaster movies, you've seen 'em all.

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Smile - Effectively creepy, great practical effects, but a bit overlong and cruddy CGI.

Apollo 10 1/2 - It's well animated and fun to watch, but it spends a bit too much time just being a laundry list of stuff that happened in the late 60s.

Avatar: The Way of Water - Drastically better than the first film while being 30 minutes too long and having abysmal HFR in sections.

Army of One - Solid-ish little brutal no budget revenge-actioner. Extra half star for the action climax. Minus that half star for totally dropping the ball after it.

Infinity Pool - Brandon Cronenberg is definitely his father's son.  This movie is wild.

Confess, Fletch - Liked this way more than the Chevy version.

Our Idiot Brother - Better than I expected.  Thought it was going to be raunchy, but ended up being super-heartwarming.

The Secret World of Arriety - Stunningly gorgeous, even amongst Ghibli films.

Blue Steel - It's fine. Generally boilerplate crazy guy fixated on a cop fare, but what if the cop were a woman?
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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - It was a good watch, Namor's people and city was handled in a fairly unique way I feel compared to how other movies have done underwater people before.  You can only do so much, but they do enough to make it standout.  I think they also did a really good job dealing with the loss of Boseman, I know Marvel gets a lot of crap for how they handle serious stuff a lot of the time (A lot of it well deserved), but there was never a point that the movie felt too out of place, or too "Marvel-like", they let the emotional moments hit proper and they don't do overdo it.

Riri I felt was kinda skimmed over in the movie, just a smidge, she's still has her importance, she's the center of the main plot, but I think it was on purpose due to her show coming up, which is where we'll get to see her Stark interests explained I'm sure.  Her suit is pretty awesome in the movie.  I wasn't in love with the design before the movie came out, it's really bulky, but seeing its origin and use, I understand why now.  I think I'm just glad to see her in a proper suit, it's not a bunch of nanotech appearing out of nowhere, which is something I never really liked in the movies a ton.  I'm really interested to see what design they go with for the tv show.  I'm someone that likes Iron Man/War Machine suits, I collect action figures of some of the designs I like, and I think Ironhearts main suit design is pretty dope and I'm curious how close they stick to that, or if she starts out with something more classic Iron Man, which is something she's worn too.

Overall it's a really solid movie, probably the most impactful they've done since Endgame I feel.  Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the movie I had more fun with in this phase as I'm just more into Spider-Man than Black Panther, but this was pretty good.

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Friday - First time watching.  Really rough around the edges, but legitimately funny and you can tell a ton of heart got put into it.

Man in Black - Been about 25 years since my last watch, and it's a bit better than I remembered. Never thought it was bad, just maybe a bit overpraised. Some shockingly solid early CG coupled with great make-up and practical effects. Surprised at just how good Tommy Lee Jones is here, hitting every single note perfectly.

Jennifer 8 - Decent little serial killer thriller.  Good performances, a couple of effective sequences, just not really enough to fill a 2 hour runtime.

Men in Black II - Worst kind of over-commercialized lowest common denominator sequelitis laden bullshit. Didn't like it in 2002, don't like it today.

The Sea Beast - Mostly great animation, good voice performances, but maybe a little too long to be trafficking in so many well-worn tropes.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three - Excellent 70s potboiler.  Terrific performances all around, great pacing, amazing use of on location shooting.

The Money Pit - Hanks and Long are reasonably fun together, and some of the practical effects stunts / gags are impressive, but that's about it.

Men in Black 3 - Incredible rebound from the awful second film. Great villain, terrific supporting performances, fun plot. Some over reliance of shoddy CGI pulls it down a bit.

The Gentlemen - Guy Ritchie managed to make an entire movie out of a parlor scene.

So I Married an Axe Murderer - Some funny stuff here, but the pacing is all over the place, and some bits just aren't that great and go on way too long.

Knock at the Cabin - Shyamalan's best in 20 years. Stumbles a bit at the end, but still crosses the finish line strong.
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Attack on titan

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Hard Rain - Perfectly paced, deep cast, fun as hell practical effects. Needed another pass at the dialogue, and I know they were all in 40 feet of water or whatever but a couple more takes from some of the actors might've helped.

Fantastic Fungi - What started as an interesting nature documentary about fungus became a pitch for taking magic mushrooms.  Not at all what is on the box.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish - No film coming out of the Shrek-o-Verse deserves to be this good, and yet, here we are.  Stunning animation, fun cast, terrific story.

Freaky - Fun as hell, but the pacing is a bit off. Landon can make these genre mash-up slashers for years and I'll be happy.

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One Of Brad Pitts Finest Works

The movie left me gripped, it combines the cruelty of war with the bliss of brotherhood. The ying yang. A butterfly in hell if you will. It is so raw. Men from many walks. Clashing at times yet being this pact within the ashes. Valor under the eyes of god. Heroism and is a brutal yet honest homage to the greatest generation. The brave men who sacraficed so we have a world to raise children in, and a battle unwinnable. Unity coming before surrender.

I am a bit of a WW2 Buff. I have seen over 200 tanks, fighters in person and also curate miniature tanks. The tank in the movie "Fury" has a palpable atmosphere inside. Confined. A home to these men.

It is one of Brad Pitts underrated Roles and Shia Lebouf is also stellar.

Be there or be square 97/100

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch - There are no less than four gags in this movie I'd put on the shortlist for best of all time.

Wayne's World - Easily the best script of an SNL movie.

New Jack City - You know what movie this one owes a lot to? Dick Tracy. A big overblown crime thriller with cartoon energy and larger than life, almost fantastical, over-the-top characters.

3 Ninjas - Insufferable. Barely even a movie.

Live and Let Die - Can't tell if this was racist of just blaxploitation.

Desperate Measures - An interesting enough premise with a total wackadoo performance from Keaton. Bad dialogue, poor pacing, and some pretty pedestrian direction make it a bit of a snooze, though.

Scream VI - Easily the biggest, most ambitious, most brutal and genuinely frightening entry in the franchise while effectively building off the themes and ideas of the previous film. The best at being an actual sequel in the series, and maybe the second best film overall, despite it being afraid of the exact things it claims requel sequels aren't afraid of.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette? - Weakest Linklater I've seen.

The Witches of Eastwick - This is one wildly horny movie.

Streets of Fire - When this movie is on, it is on, surpassing even Waler Hill's other idiosyncratic and dystopian opus, The Warriors.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - Not as bad as the review aggregates make it out to be, still deep in the bottom half of the MCU.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - This has aged pretty well.  Not as well as Wayne's World, but not bad.

Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril - More a series of vignettes than a movie, but pretty good vignettes.

Hanna - Fun action romp.  Love Saoirse in pretty much anything.
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Haven't really watched much in a while, especially movies, I kinda just went deep back into my One Piece re-watch, since I don't have to pay a ton of attention to it when I'm doing some hobby stuff, I have that on and I've watched a ton of episodes in the past couple months.  I started back in after my hold with Thriller Bark and I'm currently into Fish-Man island.  I did watch a few more newer episodes too, but I'm still behind like 20'ish episodes with the current Wano happenings.

I think next up for me is a John Wick rewatch, I came across the first three movies on Blu-Ray at a thrift store, and then I'm gonna watch Manadalorian Season 3 when that finishes and now that Last of Us is done with its first season, I'm going to get back to watching that.
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John Wick Chapter 4: ...with this I think john Wick might be my favorite series of films... possibly dethroning Evil Dead. Overall no spoilers, it's long but doesn't feel long. The bit of humor it does have doesn't feel forced or out of place at all. The action is top notch. One point there was a gunfight with an  Ariel pov that just made me think of the Netflix Daredevil Hallway scene.

One slight spoiler just cause of real life events that I want to mention. There is one scene that's hits harder than it probably was meant to due to Lance Reddick passing last week.  RIP.

Last thing I'll bring up. At one point Wick and the main villan were sitting at a table with these metal Tablets on it that are for negotiating a duel. When I saw that just with how they were lined up my mind immediately went to Yugioh and took a lot of strength to not yell out "it's time to duel", or "You Activated my Trap card" as the tablets were being flipped over.

Overall I think I'll put it right between 1&2 in terms of enjoyment it was damn good. Highly recommended
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Pitch Perfect - This is just an 80s screwball camp comedy!

The Fifth Element - This movie throws a million and half things at the screen and 95% of them stick.


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Pitch Perfect - This is just an 80s screwball camp comedy!

The Fifth Element - This movie throws a million and half things at the screen and 95% of them stick.

An 80s screwball comedy...are you high?!

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It's a total snobs vs. slobs story that just happens to be about acapella instead of a ski school or summer camp, just with less gratuitous nudity.