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John Wick - Worked out that I found all three movies on blu-ray at the thrift and with the new one out in theater (I'll wait for home release), I figured why not rewatch them all? I haven't seen them since they were out pretty much.  This movie is still great, a high quality revenge movie all the way through.  I love how a lot of the movie is either "John Wick? Oh fuck..." or "Are you back, John?", because of a history that we aren't privy too, but does all it needs to sell us on John, a man that terrifies everyone.  Intense action, I love how deliberate it all is and this coming after years of shaky cam garbage (Though we did get good stuff with Dredd and The Raid before this one came out).  Great watch.

John Wick 2 - I had a weird thing when the third movie came out, that I couldn't remember the second very well and what my opinions of it were.  On rewatch, it's a solid movie, but I sorta see why it's probably the lesser of the three, as it's kind of a bridging movie, a lead in to the third movie.  The first movie also just stands out for having a better drive to the whole thing.  Another good watch.
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Magnificent Warriors - Fun Michelle Yeoh actioner from the 80s.  The plot is kind of over-complicated, but there are tons of great action setpieces and fights.

The Full Monty - The cutest movie about male strippers ever made.


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I finally got around to seeing Tropic Thunder. Felt like a fraud without it. So much better and all around funnier than I expected, why do they make Tom Cruise a badass instead of letting him be a weirdo (which he excels at here).
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Encino Man - Did not remember that Pauly Shore was the voice of reason in this.

Son in Law - Crawl would be a great friend.  Kind, patient, understanding.  Just an all around good dude.

Jury Duty - Way more of a straight up screwball comedy than Encino Man and Son in Law. It's actually pretty funny up until the actual trial, then it slams to a halt and none of the jokes land until you get to the climax.

John Wick: Chapter 4 - Reminds me of The Raid 2, in that nearly all of the action is superior, but it is just a tad too long (doesn't really need that first 15-20 minutes) and gets a little lost in its own mythology (though not as badly as Chapters 2 and 3). Easily the best of the sequels, but it still can't quite match the beautiful simplicity of the first.
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John Wick 3 - This is such a killer action flick and to hear from others that the 4th could be the best sequel seems kinda nuts with how good this one is.  The vintage weapon museum fight is absurd with the knife throwing, the Casablanca fight I'd say is just okay, but they managed to take what could've been considered a pretty standard fight and brought it up a level with Halle Berry getting involved with her dogs.  The fight at the Continental is pretty wild, it's such a crazy gun battle with the armored soldiers and how John has to keep shooting them over and over again till he actually hits weak points to put them down, lik eit's almost a video game fight, but it's never cartoonish or unrealistic.

At this point for me, while I think the fights are crazy and incredible, the first so far still wins out because of the story, the drive behind it, even if the fights get better, more involved, more crazy, the pure revenge driven drama of that and how it fuels him is so good.  I really do appreciate that they don't ever cheap out and kill his other dog, or they try to give him a love interest to help him deal with the loss of his wife, or really do anything out of place that feels like they want to make the movies something different .  He does everything for the love he had, to survive and keep that memory alive.  It's genuinely impressive how after three movies they can keep the action good and interesting, while still expanding on the intricate assassin world.  That the 4th is good and they are planning a 5th, honestly I was worried a tad with the third movie about them continuing on after it, with the talk of spinoffs and such, but as of right now, it feels like they are managing to keep everything intact and I will keep watching.

Not going to count Nobody into my rewatch of the series even if its in the same universe, but that's a good movie too. 

Is this becoming one of the best action series at this point? I feel like with so many good movies, the only other series that I would say that is currently above it might be the Mission Impossible movies being that there are 7 of them and most of them are pretty good.  James Bond would be the other I guess, but that's a series with a lot of ups and downs and is functionally being rebooted with every new Bond, but if Wick can keep this up, I'm fully alright with this being like a top tier action movie series lol
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Total Recall - The original.  The kind of VFX extravaganza they don't make any more.  Complete blast.

Point of No Return - What the hell is this Zimmer score? Just does not jive at all with the movie.  Keeps an average movie firmly planted as average.
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Anyone on here watched the Mario movie. it's pretty fun

Sure as hell beats those live action video game adaptation that we have gotten in recent years.
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Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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The Mechanic - Surprisingly boring. It's got the ingredients - Statham, Foster, Stahelski, Leitch, but it never really comes together to be much more than lightly engaging.


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Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent- It's entertaining. Laugh out loud quite a few times especially the LSD scene. Just a good solid famous actor is in over there head movies... Which I feel I've seen a few movies with that kind of style before but the only other one I can think of is My Name is Bruce. Overall it's a recommendation to at least see once especially if you're a Nick Cage fan

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Pitch Perfect 2 - The same movie again, but broader and with higher stakes. Exactly what a sequel should be.

R.I.P.D. - Yeah.  It sucks.

Drag Me to Hell - Bruce Campbell wasn't available so Sam Raimi beat the shit out of a young blonde woman for 90 minutes, but what makes it problematic is all that CGI.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves - It's definitely a D&D a movie!  Not amazing, but a ton of fun.

School of Rock - Jack Black could have easily overpowered this with his Jack Black-ness (he comes dangerously close a couple of times), but Linklater's deft and breezy hand knows exactly how to handle it.
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M3GAN -  M3GAN blends comedy with brutality in the way oreo blends chocolate with stuffing. Easy to dislike victims fall in the wake of a digital age take on terminator meets chucky. 4 Foot Titanium toughness. A movie that since it's PG13 and has no nudity is accessible and enjoyable for families. Not relying on tropes or shock and awe but pure carnage mixed with an emotionally charged plot. The dependence parents put on artificial intelligence to entertain their children and a hyperbolic reality of the chaos that can cost. Lead actress conveys emotion well. A superb child actress that can mix contempt, grief and rebellion in one.

M3GAN is a surprise gem that is better than most movies that have tried the same. It's believable, gruesome, memorable and often thought provoking. A must see.


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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish - I love the influence the Spider-Verse movies have had on animated stuff now, because all of the action in this is pretty fantastic, very stylized and over the top.  The movie itself is pretty great just on its own too, very funny, heartfelt, and surprisingly PG-13, despite not being PG-13.  Like there are multiple censor bleeps in it and they almost say "shit" once, it's surprising to see in a kids cartoon.  Like Jack Horner is killing off his own men at one point, but because they disappear in a puff of confetti and it's done due to "magic", it's fine, but like those guys are super gone lol 

The antagonists in particular are fantastic, Jack Horner is just completely evil and fully embraces that, there is no redeeming him, and the Wolf is impressively intense and even scary with how they utilize him, especially for a kids cartoon.  Highly recommend this one.

Interstellar - Got in a real scifi mood, not like alien stuff, more like space missions, and I wanted to rewatch stuff like this, Moon, The Martian, but I started with Interstellar and it's still a good film, sad and somber, but a good watch.  The planets they visit are pretty interesting and the idea of how time is utilized is cool.
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Re: What Was The Last Movie/Anime You Watched?
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The Lost Boys - Still a fun time and one of the all time great big studio horror films.

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Transformers (2007) - Much like with the Resident Evil movies, I thought for kicks I'd give the Transformers series a rewatch with the new one coming up, a series I don't have a lot of love for, but unlike Resident Evil, I expect to enjoy more.  I really liked Bumblebee as it was kind of a soft reboot if I remember right, and they had way better Transformer designs, and it felt less poorly written.  The rest of the movies? I stopped at Age of Extinction, never saw Last Knight, but what I remember of the series was bad transformer designs and really bad writing/dialogue.  I'm not expecting that to change, but maybe I could get good action out of this series.

And that's what the first movie is! Bad transformer designs, bad writing/dialogue, but overall some good action.  For a 2007 movie and even if I don't like the designs, the robots look really good.  It just starts to become a problem when you get them fighting together, and you got these robots with a million visible little parts, and a lot of the robots don't have very distinct colors or designs beyond like Optimus and Bumblebee and I guess that one medic truck.  I think I remember hearing a term for this back in the day and seeing Transformers fight each other was like watching a tornado tear through a junkyard.

The dialogue in this is unbearable though.  It's a lot of rambling, or cringy bad jokes, lots of fast talking, almost improv feeling, Sam yells a lot, the bad jokes never stop and I hate anything to do with the family.  I will say though, they waste no time with the transformers, it's 5 minutes into the movie and a Decepticon is out there blowing up a military base and it's badass.  The other fight in the desert is great too.  Honestly, anytime it goes back to Sam, I'm just kinda annoyed and this is the stuff people are supposed to "connect" with, but I'd rather just see the military fighting Transformers lol This is what I was dreading most on this rewatch because I remember this goes for a few movies and at one point gets much worse.

Basically whenever there is action, it's a fun watch.  Any other time, I really just want it to get back to the action, so that's a lot of the first 2/3rds of the movie.  If I had to rate it? Maybe a 6.5/10? That might be a bit harsh, but a 7 or above has to have more I enjoy overall.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - I think I dislike this one more in general than the previous one.  I wouldn't say it does much outright worse, other than the god damn miserable little car autobots that I hate with every fiber of my being.  Writing and dialogue is still bad and obnoxious, I hate everything happening at the college, Sam's new buddy is obnoxious, I hate that the parents continue to get screen time.  Maybe if I was like a teen, the writing/dialogue wouldn't bother me as much, but it's so bad lol

I feel like they really put the Autobots on the backburner in this one.  Like in the first movie, they showed up later, so it was kinda okay, but they do so little in the movie outside of some of the fights.  Bumblebee for some reason can't talk, I thought that was fixed in the first movie at the end, Optimus dies in the first half, and that just leaves the stupid freaking Mudflaps and Skids, who are the worst.  Like a big plot point of the movie hinges on Sam giving the All Spark shard to his girlfriend, not Bumblebee or Optimus.  Just super annoying.  The action is okay, wasn't as into the fights, but I don't know if it does anything I'm particularly into more than the first one.  I hate that humanoid Decepticon, I think them being people is kinda lame, like some weird Terminator knockoff.

Slight sidenote, but I kinda don't like Optimus's personality in this, in the cartoons, he's a strong leader who will fight if he has to, because it's necessary for a peaceful future, but he's not just like...shooting downed Decepticons in the head usually I feel.  That's more of trait of like...Charles Bronson in Death Wish lol

I'd put this one at like a...6/10, maybe less than that.  It's not unwatchable or anything, but wasn't super enjoying it.  Also I don't know if this is just me, but I think the old Transformers, the original Primes, Fallen, and Jetfire, look like Bionicles lol

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - With this movie, I'm realizing that a bigger problem with the designs of the transformers is at its worst with the Decepticons, almost all of them are just this vaguely similar silver alien look, and while some have unique faces, they all otherwise feel the same and it sucks.  The Autobots are at least a little more unique, but this movie feels like its at its worst with the designs.  Even the movies before had some stuff like their vehicle forms so you could be like "That's the tank, that's the one military truck, that's the police car, etc..."  Also bloodthirsty Optimus is kinda at his worst here lol  Maybe I just have some rose-tinted glasses with Transformers, but I really feel like this is so out of character with him.

The movie I would say is an improvement over the last one, while there are obnoxious mini bots in this that are totally pointless, at least they aren't mudflaps and skids.  Transformers do sorta feel like again they are secondary, it's almost entirely on Optimus and Sentinel Prime.  Megan Fox is gone and replaced with someone new who I don't think is bad, but I can't say adds much to the movie.  Story is just kinda okay.  There is some obnoxious dialogue here and there, but overall, it's not nearly as bad and the whole big climatic battle is pretty good in the wrecked city.

I think because this movie was less obnoxious overall, I might say that I like it more than the first two, hard to say for the first one.  I'd say it's a 7/10 at least, it's not amazing, but it's functional.
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Monkey Shines - This was a way more deliberate and cerebral film than I was expecting. Not at all exploitive in the ways I was expecting. Also didn't realize it was a Romero flick.

Pitch Perfect 3 - Apparently people don't like this one? Sure it falls victim to diminishing returns of sequels, but I still had fun.

Harry and the Hendersons - This movie has no right to go as hard as it does for such a light and saccharine plot. Deservedly Oscar-winning make-up and top tier Lithgow.

But I'm a Cheerleader - Probably cliche to say now, but way ahead of its time. If I didn't know half the cast already you could tell me it came out in the last 5 years and I'd believe you.

Cocaine Bear - It can't decide if it wants to go fully zany or full monster movie, and that hobbles both options.
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