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Intellivision help, please.
« on: February 28, 2012, 01:44:28 am »
I managed an Intellivision on ebay the other day.  It was said to not work but I took a chance.  It came I tried it out and got the soundless black screen of death.  After investigating I purchased a new power supply board, I hooked it up and it worked, sort of.  

First and foremost after powering on you get the black screen, after hitting the reset button does the game actually begin play.  Only for so long however, then back to the black screen.  My transformer is good it checks out with my multimeter.  the board (the new one) doesn't quite.  Reading on it should be +5, +12, +16, 0, -2 instead reads +5, +12, +19, 0, -2.  I don't know if the additional charge on that one post is overloading the logic board, or if my CPU is bad.

On an after thought though a tech forum would be kinda cool. ;p