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Re: Star Wars!!!
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Tell me when the Star Trek TNG T.V. series reboot happens that they've been talking about, then I'll get excited.

Now you're talking! I used to love Star Wars as a kid. But now I'm more concerned over who the better captain in Star Trek was (answer: Picard).

Hell, I can't put a cup of tea in the microwave without thinking "tea... earl grey... hot"

Lame  :P You two should go make your own Trekkie thread  :o

Heck, I can't put a bowl of cereal in the microwave without thinking "cereal, it's gonna melt.   Come in Luke!"

That response was confusing and awesome at the same time. Congratulations you win the internet for the day.  8)

Are you being sarcastic?

No, I'm not. The cereal is gonna melt made no sense and made me chuckle. That's why it was awesome.

My favorite Star Wars was A New Hope. It's just classic. And I mean classic in the pacing and structure as well. It's fantastic! But I love how the trilogy creates it's own three act structure. The first film is the rise. The second film is the huge downfall. And the third is victory. Great stuff.

Oh okay  8)  Well, I'm glad i made the internet for the day and made you chuckle.  It's hard to get sin2beta to laugh or show some humor, I did something right!  ;)

Me and my wife began watching a new hope tonight but unfortunately 20 minutes into it, she fell asleep.  She worked hard today.  We are going to finish it tomorrow, and then episode V next week  :D


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Re: Star Wars!!!
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All these star trek comments are making me want to watch star trek.  A couple of years ago, I thought about star trek, and then I realized there was so many that I was confused at were to start.  I began watching one and got lost 20 minutes in and stopped.  Never picked it up after wards.  Over time, I some how developed some internal hate for Star Trek as I realized there is only one galaxy which is the one far, far away  ;)  One day, maybe I should crack up the star trek urge again and watch one.  Any one ever watched the series "Babolon 5"?  Would you recommend it?


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Re: Star Wars!!!
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"Babolon 5"?  Would you recommend it?

I haven't seen it since it was a new show on T.V. (which was some years ago, now). But I remember being very slow moving and boring, with way too much talking and very little action.

I do remember liking the short-lived spin-off series, Crusader or Crusade or something like that. It was about a starship (rather than a space-station like Babylon 5) and was a bit more action-focused.