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King's Field
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Ahh, good old King's Field. I only first played the second game last year (the first one in the U.S.) with my uncle, and I was immediately hooked. I died, again and again and again. My progress was slow, but steady (I guess you could say the exact same thing for the way the game plays.) I loved the mysterious atmosphere, and I thought that the music complemented it very well. I also thought that the graphics looked pretty good, which is kind of weird considering how when it was released in 1995 people were calling the graphics outdated. Simply put, I loved the game.

What's your opinion on the game?


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This series is seriously one of the defining games for me as a gamer. I know every inch of every corridor, cavern, and dungeon in those games. I love the sense of exploration. I love how satisfying it is when you gain a new level, or an important item, weapon, or piece of armor. I love the soundtrack. The first-person view action-RPG gameplay is awesome, even if it is slow. And I even love the old, chunky, blocky 3D graphics.

I own 1 & 2 (U.S. versions). And I have KF: The Ancient City on PS2. There's also the very original King's Field for PS1, but it's a Japanese exclusive. I have played a completely redone PC version of the game, and it was cool, but it almost felt like a demo compared to the size of the later games.

An updated, modern take on this series would just be so freaking awesome. The graphics would be so much better, and the gameplay could be much faster with the technology today. (And please don't point out the Souls games SPIRITUAL successors, but not the same).
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Re: King's Field
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I've been dabbling in them recently as KF 1 - 3 and Shadow Tower are/were(?) free on the Japanese PS+ service. I'm terrible at them, and I love it. They're the sort of games that I never want to get good at or even finish, because I'm just enjoying wandering around exploring and finding cool things in out-of-the-way places (and then getting killed by whatever was nearby) :)