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Up for auction this time is a complete set of the Ranarok (Avengers Disassembled) Thor storyline: Thor (vol. 2) #80-85.

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I also have Fallout 3: Game of the Year and Fallout: New Vegas on XBox 360 together in a lot, both complete:

The Fallout Games Lot and Thor Comic Lot ends tonight at 7 pm Pacific Time.

I've got LOTS of video game and comic book related stuff up for auction right now.

I need to fund an XBox One and an HDTV so I can play some of these games passing the 360 by.

Stuff includes a Sega Power Base Converter plus a dozen games. An N64 console plus a bunch of games and accessories. Posters. Nintendo Power collection. Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Collection. A large demo disc collection (PS1, PS2, & Dreamcast). Posters. A miscellaneous game lot covering many different systems. And more.

Check it out here:
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^ These auctions end tonight, be sure to check them out before they're gone!  :)

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I have a lot of random wrestling-related items up for auction on eBay. DVDs, VHS, magazines, and comics.

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I have a complete copy of Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: Master Collection for PC up for auction on eBay. Ends Sunday evening (same time as the wrestling lot):

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Wrestling lot and Dungeons & Dragon Anthology (PC) auctions end this evening.

I have a bunch of comic book lots up for auction right now.

They're all bagged and boarded and end next Sunday at 7 pm. Various lots including X-Men, Thor, Batman, DBZ, and others:

Added a couple more comic lots. Punisher and DC Silver Age.

Click the link in the post above this one.

^ Comic lot auctions end tonight!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project for NES (Tested and working, cartridge only)
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Infinity Entity #1-4 comics (Marvel), complete, bagged and boarded, digital codes unused and included.


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