Author Topic: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego original big box version database question  (Read 780 times)

So I have the original big box DOS PC floppy version of WITWICS from 1989 and when I search the closest one presented is this one

However that one is a 1996 CD-rom re-release but it's listed as having the original name which prevents me from adding the proper original DOS version to the database. Shouldn't the one listed above be amended to mention that it's a later CD-Rom release? I would think the original PC version from 1989 should be the only one called "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" and later releases should have amended titles. What do mods think?


Each entry will need to have qualifiers in the item name. Base qualifiers are the format type, until box variations are considered.

So the existing entry (40270) should have (CD) in its title. And the version you have should indicate the media type...
You can use these entries for Pirates! Gold as an example:
Note: the 2 Win95 entries are not dupes.

But really, the PC categories need to be split up as that is too generic of a category. There are over 200 pages in PC [NA] and I would bet we have 20% (I really want to say 5%) or less of PC games in the db.