Author Topic: How do we handle "variants" like Nortec Greece imports?  (Read 172 times)


How do we handle "variants" like Nortec Greece imports?
« on: March 08, 2021, 11:30:31 pm »
Hello, sorry if this has already been clarified because I have looked and not found anything (maybe I didn't look hard enough?).

I ask this because I do have a few GBA games that aren't considered to be an actual variant by some people. Such as Greek imports with the Nortec/Diaktis Sticker and Greek language inserts, Australian imports that are North American or European versions with an ACB sticker on the box, & Canadian NA games that don't end up having their own boxes but rather have separately printed paper wrapped around the outside in English and French.

Should these be input as [GR], [AU], and [CA] in the database? So far when I do add them to my collection on VGCollect I just categorize them under whatever the box underneath was (so for Canadian games I would just add them to my collection as the general North American release, and what not).

I put an example for each of the 3 in the following Imgur album:

If this isn't already allowed is it under consideration? Or perhaps it's just not enough to justify since they aren't technically regional releases nor do they have their own unique printed boxes? I noticed that the Advance Style guide uses a Portuguese variant of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes for the PS1 that's basically just some stickers on the back but I'm not sure if that would apply to everything.
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Re: How do we handle "variants" like Nortec Greece imports?
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Short answer would be yes. Just make sure to detail everything accordinly in the description box.

I'm just a commoner around these parts, though, so wait for an admin/mod to chime in...I may be wrong after all.
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Re: How do we handle "variants" like Nortec Greece imports?
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Using the examples in the imgur

Bratz would be Bratz: The Movie [GR] and be put in EU category.
In alt-name you can put Nortex
In Description you would put Nortec label on front cover of sealed copies only
and in the box text, you can put the actual, non-translated text from the label into that field.

The Tokyo Extreme Racer Advance is not unlike games already in AU category. The rating situation is already covered in the Ratings post under "Items with Multiple Ratings"

The Rebelstar one I'm not sure about, it is just the CA version. If you are saying that this has a cardboard slipcover/slipcase and the English language (US) box is inside of it, you can put that into description.

Now regarding the Greek situation, or any import that uses a release from elsewhere and uses a label or a label on the shrinkwrap, is that label should be present on the art slots where applicable and to not use stock photos or pics from the other game entry. Because basically, if the reason to create this entry is because it has some label or whatever if released in another country, we should have that in the picture too. Then the description will match the pics.


Re: How do we handle "variants" like Nortec Greece imports?
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Gotcha, thanks for the answers :)