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Is that not allowed?
I came to the site thinking that I might find some folks interested in the content.

You can do whatever you want. I'm not your boss, dad, deity, or what have you. I'm just saying it comes across as looking somewhat one-sided on your part in that you only post here and not in any of the other sub-forums on here. Picked up a title you're jazzed about? Post about in one of the monthly finds thread. Able to help with a system/game issue? Hop into the tech support sub-forums. Wanna vent about current music/movies/etc? We've got an Off-Topic sub-forum with plenty of threads about those very things. I promise you it won't kill you to participate!  ;)

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No need to go anywhere this NEW episode of Playas Guide brings exclusive Famicon games from Japan to you

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New episode of Plays Guide out today covering Rare XBOX Games

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New episode of Playas Guide out covering Rare Games on the XBOX 360

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March 2020 Retro Gaming News is out

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I did a Let's Play of Shadow of Memories/Destiny - one of my all time favourites! Had a lot of fun exploring it again:
Part 1-
Part 2 -


PS1 TOPs, Collections, Walktroughs and videos about Hellnight
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Youtube Channel:

Latest video (PS1 Compilation of Bad/Evil Endings of several games):

Hello everyone,
My very first post in this website! I was registered since 2014-2015 in PlaystationCollecting and Retrocollect websites but unfortunaly those websites are gone and a friend of mine told me about you guys so today i created an account here aswell!

Im a 27 year old portuguese collector of PS1 games, the console of my childhood. Started "officially" collecting in 2007 when i was 14 and started by getting rid of all Platinum versions and finding obscure games that i never heard before like Hellnight!

In 2014 i decided to create that Youtube channel and my very first video was TOP 10 with Hellnight as my number 1 PS1 game, i truly love its uniqueness!

Feel free to share your thoughts about my videos, anything you would like to comment!

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Hello everyone,

Here is my channel,

It consists of video games, video game news, news about JoyFreak and other gaming misc.


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Hey everyone. I posted here years ago and then I kinda took a break from collecting because parenting. But my best friend and I started a let's play channel here

And our Twitter

We are planning on playing a bit of everything. But mostly just 2 best friends playing games and talking about random crap.