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I really like steelbook cases.  I remember when Halo 2 came out, the Collector's Edition was a no-brainer for me.  It was maybe $10 more than the standard, came in a cool steelbook and had a soundtrack/making of disc. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I hate stickers and DLC sucks.  I have no problem with stickers by themselves, but really I have no intent to stick them on something.  I think my PS4 would look stupid with a big Naughty Dog red paw print stuck to it.   ::)  If they are in the box, fine.  It's just a little sheet of stickers or whatever.  But don't try to use it as a bullet point on a collector's edition. 

I like art books.  I've always liked art books from waaay back before it was ever a "thing" to include it in a collector's edition video game. 
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I also like steelbooks and soundtrack CD's.  Other extras usually doesn't matter much to me, although I have to admit that Halsey's diary from Halo: Reach and the Fallout 3 lunchbox are among my favorite items.  Maps are nice to have, but I don't remember the last time I actually pulled out the map for one of the games that came with one.  Heck, I still try to save the outer cardboard sleeve when a game (or DVD/Blu-ray) comes with one; the box the Amazon exclusive edition of Fallout 3 came with is sitting in the closet next to my XBOX ONE's outer box, with the underwhelming Pip-Boy clock inside of it.


i'm not that big a fan of steelbook cases in addition to original cases cause they kinda just sit there? i got the one for the witcher 3 and i'm like
yea but why i need both?
it takes up space idk.

the way odin sphere did their steelbook is great, top notch deal right there, protects the original case, it's a slide in type deal. i like it.
shirts have NEVER interested me. i don't wear t-shirts, and a large swamps me. i'm short and scrawny, i look like a 12 yr old in an L. meh.

i like art books. actually, i love art books. i draw, too, so they're usually great sources of inspiration. and i love concept art a lot. a good art book makes me vvvv happy.
soundtracks are nice. i can listen to them in my car (if i dare haha), and i work delivery, so i have plenty of time to listen.
ahhh, ehm. stickers annoy me if they don't come in doubles (so i can keep one set and then stick the others to things). they're a waste if they come as one set.
posters are top notch. i love posters.
statues/figurines are pretty nice.
pins and little things are great additions. keychains, pins, phone straps, that kinda stuff. i put pins on my hat, so i like nabbing them up.

i don't like plushies though. they normally look really dumb and idk, just not a fan. that said, i'm a hypocrite, the preorder for story of seasons had a little argula rabbit and it's pretty cute. would've preferred a keychain or pin though ngl.

i also liked the hyperdimension neptunia vita case (re;birth 1) and the persona q 3DSXL case, but i only needed them one time so idk if i'd want more cases.

i think there have been collector's editions/preorder swag of... like, edibles, before? maybe? i think that idea is really dumb, i dislike it, but that's old-school, you never see it now... though if the game was like cooking mama or something, sure.

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if i'm an NPC, i want to be the secret boss in a low tier niche JRPG.



Haha, preach it!
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