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PS Vita Analog Stick Help
« on: July 05, 2016, 01:59:22 am »
My PS Vita analog sticks no longer work correctly, using the browser you don't notice it at all. But when it gets to games, mostly noticable on Minecraft, I just keep moving and turning around. I can't even move or sprint! My one year warrenty ran out about a year ago, and then they worked just fine. It started showing up a few months ago, but the game was still playable, just you moved every now and then, now it's virtually unplayable. I wonder if it was possible to open it up, plus I want to clean those two year old dirty buttons, and fix them or if I just have to clean them up.

Any Vita owners with this issue as well? If so and you got it fix, how?

Games with Analog Stick Issues:
Project Diva F2- Stars can only be struck with right, left spazzes out the star notes.
Freedom Wars- Character moves by themselves every now and then.
Ecolibrium- Unable to focus camera on anything, and navigating lab is IMPOSSIBLE.
Borderlands 2- Character moves by themselves every now and then, camera spazzes out as well.
Sonic Transformed- Veering to right and flips car around rarely. Extremely playable though (surprisingly).