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I've been playing through all the mainline DQ games this year for the series 35th anniversary this year and I just started Dragon Quest VII yesterday. I've played the game before and went with the PS1 version over the 3DS version this time around since I still prefer the original version over the 3DS remake. DQVII ranks in the middle of the series for me. I enjoyed its episodic sort of feel; having the player restore the lost continents of the world in small chunks at a time with each chunk having its own little story. It's also a neat change to see the antagonist win. He basically accomplished his goal in your time so you have to go back to the past to reverse his and his group's actions. My real only complaint with the game is how long it takes to unlock the vocation area. If I remember correctly, it's like 25-30 hours into the game and in that time before the vocation area is opened up, your party is stuck with a very limited selection of spells and abilities.
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