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Original Xbox Exclusives & Hidden Gems
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Recently created a video discussing various original Xbox exclusives as well as a few hidden gems.

Here's the kink to the video:

If you would prefer to just have a old fashioned read here is the script for the video. Let me know any exclusives or hidden gems you have enjoyed in the past!

Jet Set Radio Future

Now if you were to ask me, Jet Set Radio was one of the best things to come out of Sega’s last but immortal console the Dreamcast. I mean who the hell wouldn’t want to blast around on fucking Rocket skates whilst listening to music with enough energy to send you in to a fit. Developed by smile bit and released in 2002, the sequel to our first taste of the franchise blessed the Xbox, with all the originals quirks still in place the game did nothing but improve upon the staples that had made the first outing so memorable. You take control of many characters that make up a gang called the GG’s and are on a mission to gain control of a futuristic Tokyo as you skate, fight and spray for territory. It’s all very light hearted,  it oozes confidence and style a bit like our pal Cliff who never seems to age and only gets better every time you see him. Jet Set Radio Future is one of those games you will find yourself coming back to so often… Maybe its the visuals, that pop in to life in one of the best cel shaded styles ever conceived or it could be the addictive gameplay that will see jumping around the world like your arse just got caught in trap. This is one hell of a game and you will have nothing but fun with it.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black is fucking hard, it will ruin you and probably your friendships as well but don’t let that deter you from one of the best original Xbox exclusives. Released in 2004 and brought to us by the same guys who like to perfectly sculpt animated tits. Ninja Gaiden Black is like a bitchy girlfriend… No matter how many times she treats you like shit… Your still going to go back for more of that loving and this is so true… No matter how many times I died within the game I refused to put the controller down and give up, its one of those titles that literally challenges you to get better almost taunting you at times. Taking control of Ryu its your job to slash through waves of enemies that come at you from all angles, your empowered with many abilities that even the odds such as running on walls and water that all help to keep the flow of the combat enjoyable and rewarding.


Many games had tried to capture the essence of Snowboarding but none of them really stood out to me, that is until Amped was released for the original Xbox in 2001. Developed by Indie built and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Amped would see you taking to the mountains as you pursue a career in snowboarding… By gaining sponsorship's, it is possible to advance through the game and unlock new areas as well as items that you can customise your character with. The gameplay as you would expect is tight, but where this game really excels is with its visuals. This was a launch title for the system and really showcased what the Original Xbox was capable of… Due to the consoles hard drive it was also possible for Indie Built to load entire mountains, instead of just the usual linear courses that we had been used to in previous games, of the same nature…. Unfortunately the sequel decided to go all tony hawk and act like every person who snowboards is a jackass reject but that doesn’t apply here in the first outing. If your looking for a realistic, down to earth snowboarding game… This is the one to get.


Do you like cute cats? Do you like hoovering the house? How about bending time? What if I told you some nutter decided to combine all of these elements in to an action platforming game? Well your in luck the crazy fuckers over at Artoon introduced Blinx the time sweeper to us way back in 2002 and it quickly became on of my favourite games for the system. The premise is simple… Your a cat, with a hoover that posses time traveling abilities…. that really is the premise… You traverse each environment whilst taking out enemies that are hell bent on screwing up time and its your job to put it right. Blinx’s hoover allows you to control time with six different variations… Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Record, Slow and retry… that can all be used in order to manipulate enemies as well as the environment. In order to gain these controls you must collect time crystals that appear in the games world… These abilities can be triggered at anytime but are limited by how many Time holders you possess. The cute art style and intriguing gameplay always kept me coming back for more…. Blinx is simply a pure joy to play and I could not recommend it highly enough.

Blood Wake

Blood wake was released for the original Xbox upon launch and introduced us to a game that basically feels just like Twisted Metal but on water. Offering a pretty robust story mode with 28 missions that will get you accustomed to the games controls and mechanics, You play as Shao Kai who is on a mission seeking revenge against his brother who left him for dead… Ok the story is not the games strong point but where blood wake really shines is within the various multiplayer modes it offers. As well as being able to choose the vehicles and weapons presented in the single player campaign, the multiplayer modes introduce more customisation and gives you the ability to really play around with the different setups of each ship. In order to get the most out of the game it is crucial that you complete the campaign as all that good stuff is unlocked due to your progression…

Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball

Now before I go any further this is only on the list due to the amount of ass and tits this game offers… Why else would it be on here…. If you don’t agree with that, your either gay, a feminist or just a plain cunt. Theirs no beating around the bush with this game… Well there kind of is if you know what I mean but yeah its probably not best to mention that…. So, as the title implies Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball allows you to take that step into becoming a man and accepting that ass and tites of all sizes and shapes all need loving equally…. Also offering the chance to play a very well thought out volleyball mode, this game is great for those times when the Internet has decided to stop working in your home. Yes I enjoy watching digital ladies bounce around, do i have issues?… Quite possibly but that doesn’t change the fact that this game is actually really good and includes a generous amount of different modes that sees you participating in many activities… The only thing holding this game back from pure and utter perfection… Is the lack of a one handed control scheme…

Dino Crisis 3

When I heard the news that Dino Crisis 3 would be taking place in space, I wondered what the hell the developers had been sniffing and where it was possible to acquire this substance to try out for myself. Alas after many emails and phone calls to Capcoms customer support team…. I was no closer to acquiring this illusive drug. So instead I decided to wait for the game to come out before completely passing judgement on it. And I’m glad i waited, because Apart from its complete change of scenery Dino Crisis 3 is still the same old Dinosaur slaying game we all know and love from the Psone days. Originally planned for both the Xbox and Playstation 2 Dino Crisis 3 would set up camp on Microsoft's new power house and introduce us to the latest happenings within the universe. Set in the year 2548 it is your job to investigate a space ship that has been missing for 300 years. Unlike the earlier installments the enemies in the game are not real dinosaurs. They are mutations created from DNA extracted from various species…. But that does not mean that they are any nicer, they still want to rip your head off with any chance they get. Arguably not as good as the first two, but still worth a go.

Sega GT 2002

You’ve got to realise when the Xbox came out it managed to introduce many new features to gamers that had not been possible before. With the inclusion of a hard drive inside the console it was possible to slam in a music CD and rip it to the system. By doing this you now had access to your favourite music whilst playing games and Sega GT 2002 is the first title I tried this with and probably contributed to the many fond memories I have of playing it. Admittedly not the best racing game on the system but after having so much fun with the original on the Dreamcast I was looking forward to this one. With a healthy selection of cars and tracks there is plenty to keep you busy as you work your way through the vigorous career mode and begin to perfect your driving skills. Although lacking an online multiplayer mode which was saved for an updated release a year later… You can still enjoy the game with a friend and take advantage of the various modes available to you as well as the cars you earn throughout the games campaign.


I'm probably going to butcher the shit out of this name but here goes… Gunvalkyrie is a third person shooter developed by those lovable bastards that brought us Jet Set Radio, Smilebit… Published by Sega in 2002 the game possess a pretty unique control scheme that at first turned me off… Using two analogue sticks for its primary form of input wasn’t really a good idea, but after repeatedly throwing my controller at the screen, it all finally clicked and what was once a chore become nothing but a joy. The game has a flow to it, and almost rhythmic aspect that really contributes to the gameplay as you dart around the 10 levels that comprise the adventure. You take control of Kelly who works for  an elite military force and are tasked with tracking down the whereabouts of a Dr Gate whos research and scientific breakthroughs threaten to change everything that is known about the world. Originally in development for the Sega Dreamcast and with the intention to use an even more bizarre control scheme that included a light gun as well as a controller, I'm glad the game made the jump to the Xbox. Make sure you give this one a go!


Released for the Xbox back in 2006, Xyanide  is shoot em up that was developed by play logic entertainment… As with most shoot em ups, you are presented with a variety of different enemy types and must take them down whilst making your way through each stage. Many gaming critics did not receive the game well taking issues with the game controls and level design that apparently felt bland… Because of this Xyanide has gone by largely unnoticed by many, it was far ahead of it's time when originally released, and has held up extremely well with age. If you're looking for a more classical style of game where you can turn off your brain and annihilate wave after wave of enemies as you dodge obscene amounts of enemy fire, Xyanide is for you.

Otogi: Myth of Demons

A hack and slash game developed by FromSoftware, Otogi was unleashed upon the Xbox fanbase way back in 2002. You take control of Raikoh who was born in to a clan of executioners and is tasked with killing his own father… Instead of fulfilling his orders Raikoh decides to flee and takes with him the soul shrine… An ancient sword possessed by the clans leaders. Upon escaping the seal separating the demon and human worlds is broken… Raikoh is almost killed but ultimately saved by a princess who gives him a new body in exchange for his services and so you begin your quest to restore the seal and stop the ones responsible for its collapse. Possessing destructible environments and a huge 29 stages that comprise the campaign mode, your in for one hell of a ride… Taking cues from many of the genres contemporaries, the gameplay never fails to impress and kept me on the edge of my seat as I made it through the story. The Battle system is elegant, but quite simple...theirs not a lot of room for customisation, but it works. Difficulty sometimes can be a pain in the ass, but only a few stages cause trouble. If you can find this game lying about I recommend you pull the trigger and pick it up.

Phantom Dust

This was one of the last games to appear on the original Xbox right before the 360 was released and for this reason it largely went unnoticed by many gamers. I’ll be honest with you the thought of another run of the mill shooting based game never got me hard but the way in which Phantom Dust presents itself completely took me by surprise. Combining strategy and fast action the gameplay is incredibly deep and a lot of fun once you get the hang of things. It has some issues though, the targeting system can become a bit of a pain in the ass as well as the combat becoming repetitive but bored beneath the dusty clunk fuck of a single player campaign is a delightfully robust multiplayer mode which is where Phantom Dust really took off for me. Having the ability to face foes not only in the same room as you but also around the world really helped elevate my experience and went a long way in ensuring that this game would hold a place in memory.

Panzer Dragoon Orta

There is only one thing in this world that I desire….. Ok maybe two things and one of them is a fucking new Panzer Dragoon or at least a HD remake of this bad boy…. Panzer Dragoon Orta. Released for the original xbox in 2002, The classic series skipped a generation and surfaced 4 years after its predecessor for the Sega Saturn… What some like to call the never ending story simulator, Panzer Dragoon sees the player riding a Dragon all the while intercepting Ariel and ground threats that are set on stopping your progression through each stage. You possess the ability to transform your dragon into three different forms…. The base wing which acts as the games standard class with no clear weaknesses or strengths, The heavy wing which is best used for dealing higher amounts of damage but also come with the disadvantage of less mobility and finally the glide wing which acts as the games speed class and is perfect for tight situations when facing many enemies on screen. The game takes place across episodes each with a boss at the end as you unravel the games surprisingly intricate plot. Panzer Dragoon Orta seriously deserves your time, I had nothing but fun playing it so I recommend you try it out!

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I really wouldn't consider any of those games "hidden." Gems, oh yes, but they are all pretty well know XBOX games.


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Let's not forget Shenmue II. Toe Jam & Earl III was pretty good to. It was most of those exclusive Sega titles that got me interested in the XBox, besides Halo.

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