Author Topic: WTB Sega 32X Power Adapter, Jump Cable, Metal Clips and Plastic Spacer  (Read 223 times)


If you have any of the items listed in the title, please let me know - I particularly need help finding the Metal Clips and Plastic Spacer,
as the Power adapter and Mega Drive 2 to 32X jump cable are usually available on eBay.

thank you!

You know you don't need the spacer or the clips right? The clips was just some stupid FCC stuff that they made Sega do and while the spacer makes it LOOK a lot better the 32x will work fine without it.

also if you get a third party 32X connector cable online make sure its 8 pins on it and not 9. If there is 9 pins it means it was made with the 5V pin and you will have to snap that pin off so you don't cook your 32X/Genesis.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply. Yes I am aware they aren't 100% necessary, but the spacer in particular would be useful as it keeps the 32x steady when placed into the megadrive 2 console.

If anyone could supply the spacer at least., that would be great.