Author Topic: DO You Keep GAMES Sealed forever or/and sell? or? Attend to Play them? and keep?  (Read 2148 times)

I only collect cheap used games mostly. because I find a used cheap game can be just a fun as a new game. I love the smell of unopened video games. But I don't plan on keeping my 3 sealed video games sealed forever. believe it of not I bought Medal Of Honor sealed for $under $15.00 american for the PS3 and that Game is awesome. I found it used, still sealed at a used video game market for an excellent price and that is an excellent game. Cracked case yes, manual yes, hole in seal yes, disc in mint condition yes manual in mint condition. apparently someone no longer want. original seal well no longer. I opened it and played that game because I don't want my games sealed forever. I buy video games to play them. not to profit or sell them. But someday I may share them with other people for free. I'll only sell them if I'm desperate again. for food.

I play to keep and keep on collecting just to have them because I know that physical   video games are rare period. don't let anyone tell you different. Physical copies don't last forever. AND sometimes in order to have something Physical  again you just gotta open a seal copy. Data is more interchangeable that Physical copies, at least some good data is free on ROM sites, also some bad and good data can be found on corrupt ROM web sites. They say that ROMS are illegal but what do you think a PS4 uses people? I guess if you PAY it's legal but even back in the 1990's hackers used to put viruses on PC video games (THAT MY PARENTS USED TO PAY MONEY FOR) and even the SONY PS1 demo disc is actually a memory card breaker i read.

Sorry to make so many topics Admin's I hope to keep the conversation going, and being a newbie I don't know if bring ancient topics back to life is a good idea. I got in trouble for that on a different forum. RUNNING SEARCH AFTER THIS POST. :)

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I will not make ROMS out of my games I don't know how to do that stuff. Sharing as is YES

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A have quite a few sealed because I've not attempted to play them yet. Maybe a handful of them I'm considering just selling because the value is rising and I'm not very interested in them... would rather trade them out for other heavy-hitters that I actually want.

But no, nothing of mine will stay sealed.

While I do have several sealed games that I fully intend on opening someday, I have found several older sealed games in the wild, the craziest being a sealed Majoras Mask from a flea market. With these I sold them at a crazy markup due to their new condition and bought other games I wanted with the money. I do not go after sealed games or collect them, but regardless I probably have around 100 or so in my collection.


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Always for play... but I do have sealed copies of say Echo Night and Echo Night Beyond.  I might sell those and buy opened copies and use the extra money to buy something else.

I plan to play all my games...eventually. The only problem is that eventually can get further and further away to the point where some games have spent over a decade sitting in the ol' backlog.

A few probably won't ever get their shrink wrap removed, but that's more because I wound up getting a digital copy or the game on a different system.


No. I buy games to play, and if I like them, keep.

I can agree with you on some affordable games being as fun as some expensive titles. I sold two rare games of mine a few months ago to pay for a bill, that being said I wanted to sell them in the first place.

I open then, I like to play with my games so I don't really see the point of keeping them sealed.


I have several that were a limited run or are considered rare that I'll never open. Of course, these same ones also came with a digital download, so I'm able to still play them.


Got a couple of PS4 games I have yet to open because I haven't played them yet. Never keep anything sealed though, games are meant for playin!

I keep them sealed until I find another copy that isn't sealed


I buy to play and only sealed if I haven't played them yet. I finally cracked open my copy of Alpha Sapphire last night because I wanted to play. Probably a dozen of xboxone games sealed I got when Target did their giant clearance a few months backs.


If i Buy a game new I will open it and play it

However if I come across a sealed copy of an old game on the cheap I will either keep it sealed if it is from a game that I like or I will sell it.

Opening an old sealed game is just playing dumb for the reason that games are meant to be played. Who am I to deny  the people in the market who are willing to pay pretty much two times upto ten times or more the opened value I will not be a fool and ruin there collectible and my potential future wallet.
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Not a collector, though I can respect that if it's your thing.

But personally, what the heck is the point of a game if you don't play it?
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While I like to collect them, I also like to play my games, so I break the seal every time. Admittedly, though, I still have a number of games that I haven't opened yet, but will eventually. I'm pretty sure every gamer has a game or two still sealed in their collection.

I have collected many other things in my years, but keeping video games sealed has never made sense to me. Much less grading them. To each their own, I guess.
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