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Defining Editions with Dash or Colon?
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Quick Q. I recently tried to add a game to the Database & missed the Edition details, I went to add them and noticed the request was denied and it was changed to something different:
In Sound Mind - Deluxe Edition (My version)
In Sound Mind: Deluxe Edition (Their Version)

I always thought a Dash was used to seperate the identification of the Edition & a Colon was used should a game have a subtitle like Wolfenstein: The New Order - has this changed at all? Because I don't believe the Full title of the game is In Sound Mind Deluxe Edition. Same geos for a digital title which I just posted:

I have looked at the Official Style Guide to before posting this -,22.0.html

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Re: Defining Editions with Dash or Colon?
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It is as the style guide says, actual (parallel) editions but not just based on titles. It only applies to physical. No digital entries should use a hyphen for their edition name.

The style guide original intent was to refer to physical games that have a regular version and then a LE or CE that comes with extra stuff, often in a different box.

When the vote went through, no one went about fixing all of the (now) incorrectly formatted names, so you will still see some around. We try to fix them as we come across them but it just takes time.