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pretty sure its more then once my friend said so

Well, I only had to do it once. I can't speak for anyone else. This has nothing to do with PS4/5 though, It's a PS3/Vita only situation.

I've only just updated to 3.74 after this thread was created, but I've had to go through the Device Setup Password prompt once. I've tried both physical and digital games without issue, both after immediately installing the update and after restarting the system. I've not been asked to initiate the Device Setup Password prompt since.
I tried to play an physical vita game on my vita not even to go online I couldnt start the game  even.

also it will b an issue in the future anyway I didnt realize it when i amde this thread but when the servers die and youc ant confirm your account anymore you cnat set up any vita so in essence you cnat play any game on it ever agaan.

wel I hope at leats you cna get your problem solved at least I am fucked sadly

You're not. For now, this new log-in system appears to be a one-time prompt unless manually logging out, although that could change with any future system updates.
yeah I gave up on it at this point either way i am screwed so most likely I am gonna sell everything. even if I could get past this issue I will have an issue in the future when the servers die

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I doubt anyone cares but still I have decided not too sell eaperently sony patched  the vita in such an way  you dont ened an account perse anymore to play physical vita games which I am happy about.

still it doesnt solve the issue that I would have to delete all my saves  etc  to be able to use mine  so the not being able to play them part still goes.

it sucks a lot but it is what it is