Author Topic: A helpful tip for original Xbox and Xbox 360 gamers. (Bridging a digital divide)  (Read 418 times)


I had a thought about my Xbox and Xbox 360 games that I was able to turn into a 2 minute video for my YouTube channel.  Since I've successfully uploaded at least something every month for the last year, I also made this video a nice introduction and channel trailer. 

Click the picture to see the video, thanks!

I have a playlist of all of my Game Room Ideas videos, you can click here to check them out!

I make the kind of content that I hope users on a video game collection website will find interesting and/or helpful.  That's why I'm sharing them with you guys here.  My collection is one of my passions and I love to think about it's problems and share any solutions that I've created or found helpful.  I would enjoy your feedback, either here or on the youtube comments.  Thank you again.