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For You Star Trek Fans
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:27:31 am »
For the last few months I've just been dabbing my amateur-self in the podcasting world by forcing my friends to talk about Star Trek with me in a podcast called Star Trek Tribunal, where we talk about the worst Star Trek episodes.  No one listens, but I just like talking about Star Trek.

When I finish the current batch of episodes, I'm thinking of doing some cross-pollination with my (massively underutilized) Twitch channel, and playing Star Trek Video Games and the discussing in podcast form after.

Here is the direct link to PodBean:
And then the Facebook Group:

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Re: For You Star Trek Fans
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I have just purchased a couple sealed star trek board games catan and Risk Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition on the lookout for the klingon or other version of star trek monopoly  sealed ;)

Re: For You Star Trek Fans
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Beginning this afternoon I plan on starting a weekly stream where I play through several Star Trek games, starting with the PC version of Starfleet Academy, which has some pretty cool FMV stuff.

Every Monday from 1pm - 3pm CST the Shaun Trek will be voyaging through these classic Star Trek games, boldy going where few (no?) streamers have gone before.
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