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Intellivision Games for sale or trade.
« on: August 05, 2018, 05:45:07 pm »
I have some extra Intellivision games I am looking to send to a good home. I will list below what I have and the quantities of each. Some are with boxes a few come with instructions. None of them have overlays. I tested them they work. If you want to bundle them let me know I can work a better price if you get more than one. any questions just ask.

I am open to trades, I am looking for whatever I don't have. My collection list is current, so if it's not on there I am open to getting it in trade

You can buy them all for 35.00 with shipping, or separately where you pay for shipping.

Shipping in the US will be USPS Priority Mail. flat rate small box that about 7 bucks. I can get about 4 loose games in there.  I am shipping from 60618  Boxed games or anything else that cant fit in a small flat rate box will be based on weight (or whatever is the most economical ie. medium flat rate boxes cost 14 bucks for 7 pounds while normal priority costs 28 bucks). Internation Shipping gets expensive so if you want to pay for shipping out of the US it is not cheep.

Thank you

Auto Racing (3 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50 each
Astrosmash (1 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1 no box/overlays/instructions) $2.00
Frogger (1 no box/overlays/instructions) $2.00
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (1 with box w/plastic insert No instructions/overlays) $3.50 (1 with box no overlay/instructions) $3.00 (2 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50 each
Major Legue Baseball {2 with box (beat up) no overlay/instructions} $3.00 Each (1 no box/overlays) $1.50
NFL Football (1 with box, instructions and playbook, no overlays) $4.00 {1 with box (beat up) playbook, No overlays/instructions}
NHL Hockey (1 with box, no overlays/instructions) $2.00
Space Battle {1 with blue box (beat up) no overlays/instructions} $3.00 (3 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50 each
Space Armada {1 with blue box (beat up) overlays no overlays} $3.00
Star Strike (1 with blue box, no overlays/instructions) $3.00 (1 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50
Sea Battle (2 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50 Each
Triple Action (1 no box/overlays/instructions) $1.50


Re: Intellivision Games for sale or trade.
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Darn, I already own every single one of those games or else I'd be interested.  :-[

Hope you find them a good home
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Re: Intellivision Games for sale or trade.
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I may be interested in some manikin.
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