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Re: December 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
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Picked up 2 games this week
Retroism Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter for the Super Nintendo

I also picked up a game I've been looking to get for quite a while. It's a Genesis game, unfortunately cart only but there was no way I was going to be paying for a complete version anytime soon, it's from one of my favorite series, and I'm just excited to finally have it.
Castlevania: Bloodlines


Re: December 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
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Four Swords Adventures! I love the combo of sprites and 3d effects. Tons of fun!
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Re: December 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
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My Christmas haul this year:
Xbox 1-
Modern Warfare Remastered
Grand Theft Auto V
Just Cause 4
Monster Hunter World
Sea of Thieves
Wolfenstein 2
Tomb Raider Trilogy

(Trying to build up my Xbox 1 collection since it is my most recent console pickup)


Re: December 2018 - Recently added to collection/recently purchased
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There is a bit of a story behind these. I'm lucky enough to have three 2nd and Charles locations near me and at least two of them I stop by at least once a week, sometimes twice. Decided to make my way to the best 2nd and Charles of all three (better prices, nicer staff, and better selection overall) and as I'm going through their used games I look inside their display and see all four Gamecube Mario Party games, all priced about 20% under ebay. These games are notoriously overpriced whenever I see them in stores so seeing them actually under ebay for once was pretty nice for a change. I had to hunt down an employee to get them out of the case for me since no one was behind he counter. There was another guy who seemed to be frantically looking for someone at the same time, but I found someone first and she took out the Mario Party games. I quickly assumed that he was wanting to find an employee for the same reasons I was, since he B lined it over to the case as soon as the employee started taking the Mario Party games out. While I was inspecting the games, the guy was watching me like a hawk as I inspected the condition of each game. I'm sure he was waiting for me to say I didn't want any of them to swoop in and grab them. Fortunately all four games were complete and very minty so I told the employee that I wanted them and she took them behind the registers while I continued to look around. The guy let out a big sigh and walked away. As I'm going up to the register that same guy is in line behind me and makes a snarky comment about my questionable tastes in games since I passed on a copy of Luigi's Mansion on account it was a pretty standard price and I already own it. I simply replied that I owned it already, and he said in a very sarcastic voice "lucky you!" The guy reeked of butt hurt and petty jealously, which made it that much sweeter getting those games even though they weren't necessarily the deal of the century :)
- Mario Party 4
- Mario Party 5
- Mario Party 6
- Mario Party 7

Maybe the guy wasn't a fan of the mario party games. Personally the mario party franchise is my most hated mario series and in terms of gaming in general. Some of my family members absolutely love the series in wich case I am forced to play them games with them on certain ocasions when they are around :P

I mean heck even if you would win all the minigames 100% of them wich I usually did except if many luck games where involved you will (in my case) still lose since allot of people seem to have allot of luck with random spaces and free stars for no reasons at all. Dice rolls are the absolute deal breakers here.

My mistake thought the seller was the guy commenting about the mario party games  ::)

I will say though the mini games on new super mario bros ds where allot of fun especially picture poker with luigi as the dealer. I've played those games for many hours with friends on many occasions at the very late hours even though these where just side games.

I mean for some reason luigi just sticks very well with being a shady dealer and poker. I can't picture poker without luigi anymore thanks to this game not to mention the music playing in the backround.
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