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Re: How important are graphics to you?
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Doesn't matter overall. Unless the graphics are done in such a shitty way that it's an eyesore it doesn't matter. Mainly concerned about gameplay and how fun a game is.

Re: How important are graphics to you?
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I don't think Graphical polygons are what is important to me, what bothers me more is the way the games are displayed via the output. I can play a PS1/PS2 era titles and admire them still but the resolution is where I get VERY up tight. I cannot stand playing older games and seeing them washed out or with tons of interlaced jaggies - this is why HD Remasters/ports are very appealing to me.

The best example would be Shadow of the Colossus, it got a fancy PS4 Remaster last year which I played and adored but I am still very content with the PS3 Remaster of the original game - Which took the original textures and gaming experience just up-ressed them. Both variations are still valid and accessible to my standard, yet I would never consider playing the original release on PS2 again. I recently bought the Pound PS2 HDMI cable and after 10 minutes with it already decided it was pants - My component cable offered a better visual than it. So my poor PS2 games yet again remain boxed up in the dungeon that Is my storage cupboard.

Re: How important are graphics to you?
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Depending on the game, I'd say I am a mild graphics snob :)

With something that it supposed to have 'realistic' graphics, I struggle to go back even to last gen games tbh.

Equally, I am blown away when I see something next level. From last year, Detroit : Become Human springs to mind. The gameplay was shallow, the story was divisive, but the graphics really make the game stick in my mind as something special.

Having said that, art direction is WAY more important to me. Off the top of my head I'd take Darkest Dungeon, DQXI, Ni No Kuni or Dead Cells over something like The Order:1886 for example.