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New 4K TV - PS4 PRO Set-up Advice, YUV 422/2160P RGB?
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I recently upgraded to a 4K TV & upon playing around with it (Having to turn on the HDMI Ports to 'Enhanced'...) I got HDR to work with certain games like Horizon: Zero Dawn - Is there a definitive list for HDR games on PS4? I ask because I ran Rocket League & didn't get a notification prior to playing like on Horizon.

Before going on my TV & changing my HDMI Ports to Enhanced I could only get YUV 420 Output setting. 2610p - RGB was unsupported.

Now after changing my HDMI ports to Enhanced, I can select 2610p -RGB but when running Horizon I go back to the settings on my PS4 & it says that it is on a YUV 422 Mode.

It mentions about limitations to a HDMI 2.0 - Are HDMI Cables that support a 2160p RGB setting in-game available? Is it even worth it if so?

Also, a side note, how come I have to go on my TV setting and select Enhance to get my HDMI ports upgraded - I am guessing this is just for HDR support?

Also, here Is the TV I got Toshiba 43V6863DB:

Re: New 4K TV - PS4 PRO Set-up Advice, YUV 422/2160P RGB?
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things you need to know

"The more enhanced HDMI your television gets set to. The hotter the heat will build up will be on possibly both TV and gaming console, while running them"

And the steel end of the HDMI cord may be scolding hot
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Re: New 4K TV - PS4 PRO Set-up Advice, YUV 422/2160P RGB?
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As far as I can tell from research, it's best to leave it at Auto or 2160 RGB. That way for non HDR games it will stay at 2160 RGB and for HDR games it will switch to YUV 422.

The reason it switches between the two is because HDR requires 10 bit displays, but as far as I can tell 10 bit RGB isn't supported by current HDMI standards (at least at 4k/60fps with HDR, which requires around 23 gbps of bandwith). So for non HDR games you would want it to be on RGB, and for HDR games like Horizon you would want it to switch to YUV 422 in order for HDR to work. It sounds like your TV was already correctly switching between the two, so I would leave it set to automatic, which is what I been doing with my TV as well. I can say I had some fun as well trying to figure out how and why I had to set my TV's HDMI ports to be enhanced, you would think that would be the default setting, but yeah this has to do with HDR.

Looking around for comprehensive lists I think this is one of the best -

That being said you shouldn't have to worry about it too much, your system and TV should be able to detect right away whether or not the game supports HDR automatically. That way you don't have to calibrate the settings on a game by game basis.