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SD2Vita as a copy of game
« on: November 20, 2018, 06:49:42 pm »
I plan to buy ps vita and want use only physical media but good amount of good games came digital only so i plan to buy them digital use sd2vita and cheap vita game and create reproduction game is that posible and did i must crack consol for that (if is posible [even if harde] to not must crack consol) for any info and help thanks

Re: SD2Vita as a copy of game
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Sorry but I don't think we have any code crackers on this forum. But anything electrical can be either hacked or programmed in some way like you said. But I think that would be against the law to do what you're asking for. Maybe someone else will respond to this but I am not a console programmer, or hacker, and I don't know any console programmers or hackers on this forum. :-\
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Re: SD2Vita as a copy of game
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it is legal as long as i use files that im extracted from ps vita and don't sell or upload them