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I actually think that Kartia photo you have listed is legit. All the copies I've seen with that style shrink wrap have a seam running up the back of package. There are quite a few multi disc Playstation games out there that don't have the Y-seal or have both types.

All of the single disc games I've seen have the Y-seal and security tab. Depending on where you bought them, some of the later release single disc versions, may or may not have a hang tab on the back (Final Fantasy Origins for example).

The long box sealed games are not as easy to spot a reseal. There aren't any security stickers and have many variations. Games like Kileak, Street Fighter the Movie, Rayman had a crinkly shrink wrap like many of the games in the early Saturn cases. The stretchable style shrink wrap was used on many of the cardboard and plastic spine boxes. If you come across a Psychic Detective, the transparent tape under the shrink wrap holding the box sealed is normal.

I personally only buy the Greatest Hits versions if that's the only option available, like Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution PS2. If you're a completionist or don't care which version you have, that's up to you. It's your collection.

The shrink wrap is not always going to be perfect and the security stickers won't always be aligned either. The occasional misprint like FFVII is obviously out there as well.

These are some of the multi-disc jewel case games I know of that have the standard shrink wrap. I'm sure there are many more. Please note, some of these also have Y-seam versions as well. Hopefully other PS1 collectors chime in here to add to the list.

All of these have hang tabs.

Brave Fencer Musashi
Kartia The Word of Fate- center seam
Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Legaia- center seam

Space Hulk Vengeance of the Blood Angels
Star Ocean The Second Story
Tobal No. 1- center seam
Vandal Hearts
Vanguard Bandits- silver Lunar 2 demo sticker on cover
Wild Arms- center seam
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Premium edition- yellow premium edition sticker on cover

Good luck on your collection

Are you saying that Kartia: The Word of Fate, Legend of the Dragoon, and Legend of Legaia all had legitimate shrinkwrap (not Y-Fold) sealed (not resealed) versions of the game?

I'm not sure if I remember correctly but I think I remember when I first got my playstation I got those games from the store and I think I recall them being Y-Fold.

I'm not really going for a complete PS1 game collection. I really only want to collect my favorite games in Mint Condition and full versions of the games I played as a demo version that I thought were fun.

I would buy a Greatest Hits copy of a game but I would keep looking for a Black Label copy because the Black Label has the complete front image Cover Art but the Greatest Hits has the Greatest Hits label on the Cover Art instead of the complete front image. Some games also have a variance in the CD color, such as the Black Label had a full color CD and the Greatest Hits had a Silver and Black CD.

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Yes, I know for sure those 3 also have Y-fold versions. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII (masterpiece misprint) also have both styles of shrink wrap.

I don’t remember seeing any greatest hits versions with any shrink other than the Y-fold.

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I am willing to pay $300+Shipping for a Y-Fold, Perfect Flawless Factory Seal, Black Label version of Legend of the Dragoon.
Also willing to pay $300+Shipping for a Y-Fold, Perfect Flawless Factory Seal Kartia: The Word of Fate and also for Legend of Legaia.

No cracks in the case
No tears in the factory seal
No dirty or sticky residue
No warping of the plastic case
No fading of the colors from light exposure
No loose discs

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Gentlemen can I have a little bit knowledge from all of you about Suikoden II sealed game.

Is there 2 jewel case for this game? Mine is the one with like a dot (on the front where to insert the manual) and kinda damaging the manual and then I saw online there is the strip one so the manual less damage if that make sense.