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Looking at other Tribute Treasure Boxes on ebay, this three-quarter slipcover is standard. I don't remember mine having this and I'm one to keep slipcovers, inserts and the like. There's the possibility of there being a manufacturing/shipping error with mine but Occam's Razor would say my memory is simply faulty so that's what I'll assume.

And some minor rejections to contest: I removed the dashes from the item numbers of and; all other regions appear to have dashes in these item numbers but NA games do not. While I'm bringing up regional Switch item numbers, I had a rejected edit on awhile ago where I replaced the item number with the HAC-P-##### number. The number on it now does have regional identifiers while the HAC-P number doesn't, but I think it's a fair conclusion that the HAC-P numbers are the "correct" item numbers given they're the only number found on all regions' cases.


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It is only the PlayStation game product numbers that, per the Style Guide, requires the dash to be present.
ie: SLUS-20751 and not SLUS 20751

There are not requirements for other item numbers, so they should be on the entry as they appear on the box. If it has dashes, use them, if not then don't.

For Nintendo games that have multiple numbers, if one of them has a country code, then that is the one that should be in the Item Number field.