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This is a thread about game prices of consoles of the 2nd video game generation on that existed before the NES aka "Nintendo Entertainment System"

If you were going to buy an old generation 2 video game, for a generation 2 console. What is the most you would pay regarding if you wanted it? let say it was a game that you already knew about or had good memories of this game. Or your ever looking to get more games for your collection period, like I do most times. :)

Atari 2600 or Intellivision, or Colecovision are exmples of the generation 2 consoles

Me? $10 if I knew it was actually good and, $5 would be the highest for if I never heard of the game before.
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I literally have no interest in anything before the NES; the 2600, Intellevision, and all their gen 2 cohorts were well before my time and every time I try to play them they never once feel enjoyable. Funny enough, I enjoy a lot of arcade games from the late 70s and early 80s, but the home console games just don't do anything for me. To be fair, even the NES has just enough appeal to inspire me to collect for it, but every other gen 3 console I'll never own or collect for.


I would have to be paid to take them away, as it would essentially be a trash removal service.

For one or a few I’d pay minus $20.

If we’re talking a large collection and major clean up operation I’d only pay as high as minus $50.
I got banned for no reason at all.

My high-end average seems to hover around the $20 mark, but a find of something good & properly rare would likely spur more money easily. I'd probably be fine dropping $50 on Swordquest Waterworld, for example.

Outside of the big three- 2600, Intellivision, & Colecovision- many of the pre-NES machines seem to exist in a very tumultuous market. Basically, the supply is terribly low- so much even Ebay cannot always help you- but the buying market is equally small. For example, the Fairchild Channel F: it's the first machine with cartridges, so you'd think collectors would be fairly gung ho over it. However, it's also rather hard to come across working machines anymore... it had a short time on the market, and the first revision was hard-wired so you can't just replace a bad cable. As a result, prices for carts (especially rare ones) can bounce wildly. I spent about a year eyeing around for Video Whizball, and saw it go as low as $5 and as high as several hundred on Ebay. With no copies for sale & often no sold units in eBay's search, people were free to set whatever price they wanted. (I ended up paying around $30 for mine on another forum.)

It makes for an interesting era to collect in- good, common games are often cheap & plentiful so building a collection is easy enough- but getting rare games involves a different level of price hunting, & you'll likely spend more time & money on machine maintenance than with other systems.


Not a great deal, that's not to say I wouldn't pick up a 2600 game complete and in good condition if it had some sentimental value, but the ones which fall under that category tend not to be cheap when they do pop up complete and in good cond. (thinking Mario Bros., Dig Dug, Roadrunner, Q*Bert, Xenophobe, amongst others).

If I did pick up a Generation 2 console that actually worked, I would most definite would like to own any Generation 2 console video game that didn't come of these three compilations I love to talk about. Including all of the generation 6 Past Arcade games too.

Believe it or not I grew up in the 1990's being born in the late 1980's. But I like to discover old games before my time, and anything 7th Generation and down to the 2nd Generations :)

For any one interested in cheaply emulating the Generation 2 consoles has many options, to get some of the more expensive and popular generation 2 games, on a Generation 6 console. I own all  and I agree that these three are a bargain for the old fix :)

Recommended generation 2 games for the 6 generation consoles

Atari Anthology PS2

Activision Anthology PS2

Intellivision Lives PS2
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Life on earth is only temporary and If you believe in God and do good in life. You can continue to live with any possessions  you desire, in the afterlife, as long as you do good and don't do evil in real life.

Interesting comments here. A couple years ago I really started getting into "pre-crash" consoles, love the intellivision, vectrex and astrocade I also enjoy the Atari 5200, 7800 and Colecovision. I really like collecting for pre-crash consoles as games are not very expensive, not always great games but it was early and interesting.
I will just go ahead and admit that I paid about 70 dollars for a CIB Diner on the intellivision.
To me, the best thing about these early consoles is the homebrew scene. I really like that Collectorvision has brought out a lot of Exidy arcade games that dont have any other ports.
I understand that these consoles are not very popular, I like them because it's something different.

It depends on how much money I would have.  Currently I would spend about 20-50 I guess if I got bit by the 2nd gen bug.  I never know when my tastes will change and I do like some of the consoles from the gen.    But if I had like 20 million dollars, i'd probably buy every gen and at any price.

Almost nothing if I could.  I have no attachment to that era and find the gaming experience pretty abysmal compared to the NES era.  Like if I can get stuff for a buck or two, maybe, it would be okay trade or resell material if in good quality.  I've only bought that era once and it was me and a friend splitting a box full of Atari 2600 stuff for like 30 bucks.  There was a system and like 8 or 9 games, some in poor boxes. I cleaned it up and then he resold it for like 50 bucks or something, I forget exactly.

I'll just play it on emulator tbh

I like collecting, so I'd be willing to pay a lot for a rare game, if it was still a comparatively good deal. Think the most I ever paid was 100 for an individual game, but even that was part of a buy one get one half off sale with another expensive game, so together I paid less than that. I also paid 90 once to re-gain ownership of a game that had been stolen from me, though that was also a special case, obviously.

edit: Wait, thats gen 3. No wonder I was "so much" higher than everyone else. Hmm... if it was a comparatively rare or interesting one, maybe 20 or 25 to add it to my collection. Perhaps a bit more than that if it was Oddessey2, which is great fun to collect due to the amazing art direction that system's materials had. Obviously if it was super rare and I found a "steal" at fifty I'd buy it, but might then sell it on, etc.
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It would depend on the game but 5 or under for most, about 50 to 80 for a few rare titles.


I literally have no interest in anything before the NES;

This is how I feel. Anything before the NES hasn't aged well graphically in my opinion and I think console gameplay took leaps forward starting with the NES.


Me? $10 if I knew it was actually good and, $5 would be the highest for if I never heard of the game before.

oh god no... sure there are some very rare games out there but I have tons of Atari 2600, colleco, intelivision games and I have NEVER paid above $1 for each. hell there was a point where my local game store had TOO many of them and blew them out for $.10 a piece that's where pretty much all my commons came from and every label variants.

the highest priced Atari 2600 game I had ever seen was priced at $40 at a pawn shop and I waited for it for over a year before I was approached by an employee who offered it to me for $5 and I talked him down to $1.50 (in that year I was literally the ONLY person to express ANY interest in it). cant even remember what game it was either.

but if your willing to spend 5-10 bucks I have a bunch of uncommon semi-rare games I will very happily sell to you. I love collecting them but I do not put much value to them at all, and it would allow me to try and find them again.
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I don't actively look for anything pre-NES because most all of it is loose carts. I've had opportunities to buy CIB stuff of games I've wanted but more often than not the sellers are asking WAY too much for it and it's so low priority that I don't bother to haggle/negotiate a better price. There's plenty of 2600 & Colecovision games I'd love to own CIB but they're nowhere to be found (or as mentioned earlier, stupidly expensive when they are). Around these parts I tend to see huge collections of boxed Intellivision games but I never could stand that system so I never cared to pick any of that up.

The highest I've paid for a pre-NES title is a copy of Snoopy & the Red Baron for the 2600. I bought it from a friend's video game shop for $20. I wanted to help my friend's business out, it was CIB, and I'm a huge Snoopy/Peanuts fan. I never got around to playing it as my system is buried in a box somewhere in the basement but at the same time I bought it more for the novelty than anything else.